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How to Make Your Home Wedding Memorable

They say there's no place like home. What cozier way to celebrate your wedding than a ceremony right at home with friends and family?

Amid the pandemic, so many weddings have been postponed at the last minute. If you're one of them, you've probably considered throwing a wedding at home. You're one among many couples who have been choosing to go the intimate route with a backyard wedding right in the comfort of their own homes.

There are many perks to a home wedding. With the right style, décor, and wedding planning your simple wedding at home could match that of a fancy destination wedding or events place. Here are some home wedding reception ideas to get you started.

How do I make my wedding unforgettable?

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Just because you're throwing a home wedding, doesn't mean it has to be mundane. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can make your cozy home wedding one of the most memorable weddings your guests have ever attended. 

Make your home wedding special as can be by celebrating with comfort and style. Make sure to decorate your wedding with enough familiarity and style. Win your guests over with wedding home decoration to transform your familiar home setting into an elegant party venue. You'll be amazed at how the right decor can transform your backyard wedding. 

Use chair covers for weddings paired with chair sashes for weddings to instantly give your chairs a new and fresh look. Use table overlays along with table runners to elevate the overall look of your tablescape. Finally, consider using wedding charger plates to give your dinner table a touch of sophisticated elegance.

You can incorporate natural elements into your wedding decor like florals and vines, paired with burlap linens to give that natural earthy feel. Choose warm color palettes for a familiar and homey feel. Try to mix and match accent pieces from your home with classic wedding decor. Get creative with your décor ideas to get the right balance of homeliness and elegance. 

How do I Make my House Wedding Unique? 

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One way to make sure your wedding is unique is to make it meaningful and personal. Capitalize on nostalgia and make your home wedding a hit. The more intimate and personal you get with your guests, the more you make it meaningful for them. 

How do you do a simple yet meaningful wedding? Make your house wedding memorable with this home wedding idea.

Dedicate a corner of your wedding venue and set up a memorabilia corner. Put up a table featuring memorable items from your relationship. Little things that bring up memories and cornerstones in your journey towards exchanging "I do's".

Have your closest family and friends participate by requesting them to bring in any item that reminds them of you or holds special meaning to them because of you. You'd be surprised at the memories you all share. Have one or two guests share a message about it at your wedding reception and get some hearty laughs as you take a trip down memory lane. 

How to Make a Simple, Meaningful Wedding?

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Still looking to make your house wedding stand out? Here are other ways to make it more creative.

Get crafty with your photos. Photos are the ultimate memory keepers. Here are some home wedding ideas to put them to good use. 

If you're one for nostalgia and surprises, take a bunch of disposable cameras and lay them on each of your wedding guests' tables. Have them take photos of each other and of the wedding ceremony.

You'd be surprised what intimate moments family and friends catch that professional photographers can miss out on. Get a laugh from goofy photos and get ready to be moved by candid shots. Have them developed after the wedding and get a feast of laughter and warmth when you review all your memories. 

For couples who have been together longer, try recreating old photos of you together with family and friends. You'd be surprised at the difference between your before and after photos. 

You can also set up a cozy little photo booth to have you and your guests get instant photo memorabilia from the wedding. Who doesn't love a good laugh while taking photos? Make your memories last a lifetime with these photo ideas. 

What do Most Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day? 

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Wedding days are hectic for all couples. The big day is especially nerve-wracking for brides. Perhaps due to the pressures of such a landmark event in anyone's life, brides often forget a few things. These include: 


  • Clothes for getting ready 
  • Wedding bands 
  • Wedding night bag
  • Transportation to and from the wedding party
  • Wedding signs and other last-minute decor


Lucky for brides that celebrate home weddings, all of these items are practically nothing to worry about. Since you're in the comfort of your own home, you won't need to worry about securing transportation and putting up wedding signs. Your family and friends will already know where to place themselves and where the comfort room will be. 

Brides won't need to worry about night bags for toiletries or old comfortable clothes for getting ready. Everything is within reach at home. These are the underrated perks of a house wedding. There's less stress for the couple and more time to enjoy the day with loved ones.

For your wedding bands, consider using family heirlooms to make your wedding even more personal and intimate. Everyone is sure to remember the wedding bands on the big day, especially if its one imbued with so much meaning and handed down through generations. 

Finding a Home for your Heart on your Wedding Day

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Tying the knot can be anxiety-inducing. We hope these decor ideas help you make your wedding in style as the wedding date draws nearer.

We've gone through some of our top home wedding ideas to help you throw the most heartwarming wedding ceremony in the comforts of your own house. Walking down the aisle can be as easy and laid back as walking down your backyard when you host your wedding at home.

With the right decoration and styling, you can transform your familiar home into an elegant outdoor wedding venue. Follow these styling tips and home wedding reception ideas to have a simple but meaningful wedding at home.

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