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How Can Spandex Chair Sashes Glam Up A Wedding

Thinking about how to elevate your wedding decor set-up? Feel like there’s just something missing with your chair covers and table linens? Our chair sashes for weddings might just be the right party decor for you.

Chair sashes are bows that you can tie around your party chairs or over chair covers to add detail and depth into your party decoration. Chair sashes are a huge must-have for event designers and decoration hobbyists. They are very convenient to use and can be installed in minutes. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use decor, consider using our spandex wedding chair sashes to glam up your wedding.

Spandex Chair Sash Basics

There are a variety of fabrics used for chair sashes: satin, organza, chiffon, and spandex. Among these, we highly recommend the use of spandex as wedding chair sashes. These stretch chair sashes are a budget-friendly yet high-quality décor to instantly glam up your look.

Spandex is a popular chair sash for weddings due to its convenience and overall elegant look. This material is stretchable providing a snug fit on most standard-design party chairs. Because of its tight fit, you can always expect a clean, wrinkle-free, and luxe vibe from spandex chair sashes.

The standard length for chair sashes is around 108 inches. Their widths are usually based on the decorator’s personal preferences. There are two typical widths for chair sashes, usually coming in 6 inches and 8 inches. Usually, the wider the width of your stretch chair sashes, the better they look.

Glam Up your Wedding with Spandex Chair Sashes

blue wedding chair band

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to glam up your wedding, our spandex chair sashes are just the decor for you. Get a back for your buck with these high quality yet cheap chair sashes that can transform your venue with the right styling.

Spandex chair sashes are fairly easy to use. You just have to slip them over the backrest of your party chairs or over your chair covers if you're using some as well. After slipping them on, stretch out the width of your chair sash to make sure to get rid of any wrinkles and to get the full width.

For weddings and anniversaries, try pairing your plain colored spandex chair sash with our silver or gold spandex chair sashes for an instant dolled-up look. This two-colored display will make your metal colors pop.

spandex chair bands

You can never go wrong with metallic, basic, and neutral colors. Even if you pair these with plain white tablecloths or solid color neutrals, you will always instantly elevate your design.

To add texture to your chair design, you can also opt to use ruffle sequin spandex chair band sashes. To tie in your sashes to the whole event, pair them with our spangle shimmer sequin wall backdrop for a dazzling display.

Another way to style your chair bands is to pair it with a metallic color or sequin spandex chair band, overlap them, and flip one side inside out. This will result in a bow-tie shaped two-toned effect for a playful yet elegant touch to your wedding.

glitz sequin spandex chair band

Go for an even more playful look with curly willow chair sashes. Pair two spandex chair sashes with complementary colors and overlap them diagonally. Attach the curly willow chair sash decor in the middle. Attach a brooch at the center to tie together all the elements for a clean finish.

curly willow chair sash

For more design inspiration on how to tie chair sashes for your wedding chairs, check out our video on Easy Ways to Style Spandex Chair Bands and our Youtube Playlist for more instructional videos and ideas.

Maintenance and Care

Spandex is fairly easy to clean making it a perfect material for events and party linens. It's durable especially when washed and cared for correctly.

To clean your spandex chair sashes, always wash them on a delicate or gentle cycle. You can also use a front-load washer or an agitator-free washer.

Don't use chlorine on your spandex chair sashes as this can damage its elastane fibers. Opt for oxygen bleach to remove stains.

For spandex chair bands that have grown loose over time, you can put it in the dryer on medium to high heat for less than 30 minutes to shrink it back to its original form-fitting size.

Buy quality linens so that even when you buy cheap chair sashes wholesale, you can be sure it’ll last multiple washes. At CV Linens, you can be sure our party linens are made out of top-of-the line fabric at super affordable and wholesale prices.

Spandex Chair Sashes for Your Next Party

We’ve gone through the basics of spandex chair sashes, what they’re used for, how to clean them and how to style them to instantly glam up your wedding.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet fun and dazzling decor, we’ve got a variety of chair sashes for sale. Choose from different styles of spandex chair bands and other wholesale linens for sale

One way to save big on your wedding decor is to purchase your event linens and chair sashes wholesale. Shop for bulk stretch spandex tablecloths to match your spandex chair covers. Avail of our free shipping for orders over $99. Our party linens are perfect for all occasions, from weddings, anniversaries, quinceañera, dinner banquets, and more.

Choose from a wide array of party linens and decor at our CV Linens website. Order online for a hassle-free shopping experience. For more design inspiration, check out our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest for more decor ideas

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