What are Fun, Winter Themed Birthday Party Ideas?

Are you looking to spruce up your winter birthday and keep up with the festivities of the holidays? If you are, there are lots of ways to successfully organize it. Throw an unforgettable winter themed birthday party and pull it off with white velvet tablecloth, snowflake decorations, and winter clothes.

Quirky Party Themes for Winter Birthdays

Think of fun winter themes for your party that will encourage every guest to join in the celebration. Here are some of the magical and interesting ways you can celebrate your upcoming winter birthday: 


  • How about a what’s-in-my-freezer costume party? Host a party where everyone should come as something from their freezer. Imagine how fun it would be if someone came as an ice-cold beer, another as an ice cube tray, and yet another as lettuce.
  • You can also try a winter mountain sports party! Who says you cannot wear your ski gear if you’re not going to a ski resort? Make the resort come to you by staging a backdrop showing snow-covered mountains and decorating the whole party venue with snow-like elements and white event draping for a dramatic effect. Tell your guests to come in their best snowboard gear or ski gear.
  • Have fun dressing up as Eskimos. Fill your venue with small igloos, reserve a spot for making snowballs, and let guests put on faux fur coats. It might be one of the complicated winter themed birthday party ideas. But it will be fun if you can pull it off. Complete the theme with Eskimo foods like fish, wild game, and seaweed.
  • Do you have favorite winter characters from your go-to movies and TV shows? Some of the most popular are Game of Thrones’ White Walker, Frozen’s Elsa, Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero, or Rise of the Guardians’ Jack Frost. Turn your venue into a winter movie set, from white tablecloths and white backdrops to snow-white linen napkins and chair covers. 

Warm Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Don’t limit your winter birthday themes to chilly ones. You can try warm-related themes to remind you that summer will eventually come. But, you have to make sure that the venue’s temperature will suit the guests’ outfits:

  • How about a luau? Prepare coconut drinks, palm tree decors, and hula skirts. These should help you look forward to the warm season instead of dwelling on the cold winter freeze. You can still use white spandex table covers and white drapes. But you should pair this with beachy decors, grass skirts, leis on your guests’ necks, and tropical foods.
  • Go Caribbean. If you can’t hit the beach just yet, bring the beach to you. Fill your tables with tropical drinks and spicy foods. Put on reggae music and use vibrant colors for the decorations. Lead the dancing to Calypso music or be the first to get into the limbo dance contest.
  • Organize a bonfire bash, but pick a cozy outdoor venue where you can start a roaring bonfire. Even if your guests will come in snow boots and thick jackets, have a thermos of warm drinks for them and give them blankets. Prepare potatoes and marshmallows you can roast, set the table for wine or hot chocolate, and serve up BBQ and hearty soups.

Classic Winter Themes

You can go all quirky or the opposite of winter with warm ideas, but you can also choose to stick with classic themes. No matter how often you have attended classic winter themed parties, they never get old.


  • Winter Wonderland will always be magical. Go white with lots of snow details, such as ornate snowflake decors, white arch balloons white linen napkins, fake snow, ice sculptures, iced drinks, and even sleigh rides.
  • A North Pole winter themed birthday party would be fun as well. Try to put up lots of decors showing Eskimos, polar bears, sled dogs, and even Santa. Go all out with Arctic white colors and serve warm cookies, hot cocoa, and other treats perfect for the cold weather.
  • How about a penguin party? It is perfect for both kids and those kids at heart. You can play penguin-themed movies like Happy Feet and host a contest about who has the cutest penguin look. Instead of the usual all-white look, opt for a black-and-white theme in reference to the penguins’ dominant colors.

Do you have a better idea now about the best winter theme for your birthday party? Choose any of the themes mentioned above to start deciding which linen napkins, chair covers, tablecloths, backdrops, and drapes to use. The goal is for you to have a memorable celebration and for everyone to have fun.

You can go for the quirky themes and have a good laugh over your unique looks, or stick with the classics and get a better idea of organizing your birthday. Any theme will work as long as you know how to pull it off and have a reliable party supplier to work with, so choose the best one in town.

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