40 yds Organza Fabric Roll

Organza fabric rolls are a must-have event decoration material, especially for wedding receptions, dinner banquets, and other formal occasions. It is a lightweight fabric perfect for creating draped designs that add volume to event design set-ups.

CV Linens’ organza fabric rolls are made out of high-quality material at very affordable prices, allowing you to achieve that luxurious look on a budget.

What are Organza Fabric Rolls?

Organza fabric is a sheer and delicate fabric traditionally made from silk. Today it is composed of both natural and synthetic fiber made to replicate that crisp and delicate look. The sheer and soft quality of its material lends itself well to simple and elegant designs that add a touch of luxury. Organza fabric rolls are available in many sizes including 40 yard bolts that are 54" wide.

How much does white organza fabric cost?

Despite its expensive look, you don't need to break the bank to decorate using this elegant material. CV Linens offers affordable yet high-quality organza rolls wholesale

Our 40 yard Organza Fabric Rolls are available at discounted prices making the cost less than purchasing organza fabric by the yard. You can also find coordinating event decor in our Organza line including chair sashes, which are available in many different colors.

Why Use Organza Fabric Rolls?

Not only does organza white fabric ensure a touch of tasteful luxury to your party, but it's also a very versatile material. White organza fabric offers a variety of uses for both professional event planners and even event design hobbyists. Because of its pliability, this versatile fabric can serve many decoration purposes.

You can use these organza fabric rolls to make DIY backdrops, drapes, ceiling decor, and custom chair sashes, pew bows, and even bouquet wraps. There are many options to choose from and you can be sure to maximize your organza fabric roll to make it worth every penny. The possibilities are endless with our organza fabric rolls.

If you've already decided on your color theme for your wedding or event, you can always choose from different color options of organza fabric aside from the staple white cloth roll. We offer organza fabric rolls in different shades.

You can also try to pair these with our other products in the Organza line including table overlays, organza sashes, table runners, and more.

How to Style Organza Fabric

If you're looking to add a pop of color and texture to your organza-draped event, you can try pairing it with CV linen\s highly recommended products.

If you're going for that luxurious and delicate look, you can choose to pair your organza overlays with our Rosette chair sash. These are made out of spandex making it easy to decorate with. It can also easily fit different chair styles and sizes. This product comes in blush or rose gold and other neutral colors for a calm yet stylish look.

To match the chair band accent pieces and the organza fabric roll decoration, you can also check out or table overlays. You can choose from a wide variety of types, materials, sizes, colors and designs.

We offer table overlays for rectangle tables and round tables in different sizes. We even carry table toppers for cocktail tables. We also offer these wholesale tablecloth products at discounted prices.

If your event venue is outdoors or simply makes use of folding chairs, we also recommend using folding chair covers to match the elegance of organza fabric.

CV Linens offers folding chair covers in different materials and colors. This is a quick and easy way to glam up your folding chairs on a budget and make them look like a million bucks. 

Choosing Organza Fabric for your Special Occasion

Choosing a design and theme for weddings and other occasions can be a tough decision for couples and event planners. If you want to achieve that sheer and elegant look for your party, you can be sure that white organza fabric rolls are a flexible, quick, and budget-friendly option.

With CV Linens, you can be sure that our organza fabric rolls are top-of-line yet affordable. Choose from our wide variety of options of organza fabric rolls and other event decor. Shopping to make your memorable moments a reality has never been this cheap, accessible, and easy.

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