4ft Marquee Numbers

Marquee numbers are large illuminated numbers that are popular party props for special events. Our numbers are made of durable galvanized metal and lit with LED light bulbs, making them incredible decorations for weddings, birthdays, and other events. Coordinating light up numbers with backdrop arches, draping supplies, balloons and florals , will instantly enhance the aesthetic of your event. And if you know how to get them from a trusted supplier like CV Linens, you can trust that you will stay in budget and get quality items on time. 

How Marquee Numbers Can Spruce Up Events 

If you have large numeric signs, they can easily change the party's atmosphere. They are great investments for event planners for the following reasons: 

  • Excellent focal point 

Marquee signs are effortlessly striking because of how bright and big they are. People will notice them, especially when the signs are placed by the stage, entrance, or dance floor. 

  • Great photo backdrop

The marquee numbers' eye-catching features make for an excellent backdrop for selfies, group photos, and other photo booth moments.

  • Functional

Big marquee numbers are perfect for celebrating events with key numbers. The display number could be the wedding anniversary year, birthday age, graduation date and all other milestone digits, or event dates.

  • Versatile

Marquee signs add a festive touch to  indoor and outdoor events and celebrations. For instance, they mix with vintage, chic, rustic, or modern party themes, depending on the client's preference.

What To Expect From Our Marquee Numbers 

Let the numbers count where needed, and bring in the 4ft marquee numbers to do the job. They can do so because of these features: 

  • Durable material

CV Linens carries them in white galvanized metal, making their bright color stand out even more. If you want the essential numbers of your event to remain vivid in your guests' minds, add these illuminated signs to your cart.

You can make DIY marquees from any material, like wood, cardboard, or foam. But diy party decor can be a hassle as you need to design the numbers you want; gather the materials; and cut and shape the numbers. Then you will need to  assemble them and connect the pieces with the proper hardware, install lighting, decorate the numbers, and test them. 

If you want to match the durability of our galvanized steel marquee signs, imagine how much effort you'd have to put in to cut, shape, and assemble your marquee signs. It makes more sense to buy them from CV Linens.

  • Right size

No one will miss the marquee digits at 4 ft tall with all LED lights on. Strategic positioning helps, too. 

  • Easy setup

Our marquee letters and numbers are designed to be freestanding, making setting up for an event even easier. They can stand independently without needing attachment or support, so you can put them on the ground, and you are done. Installing brackets or backups to support the marquee number is unnecessary. 

  • Customized message

We carry numerous letters, special characters, and numbers  to make custom marquee signs. To complete your marquee party backdrop, we also offer a long list of balloons, floral bunches and other backdrop party decors. 

How To Pair Marque Numbers With Other Party Elements

Our white galvanized steel marquee props are 4ft tall and remain brightly illuminated through the event, as they are powered by an AC power cord.

Now that you've decided on the letters and signs for a custom marquee sign, consider getting crisp white tablecloths or runners to give your venue a modern and clean look. Achieve a rustic, elegant vintage appeal with rustic decor and table linens in muted colors. 

For centerpieces, CV Linens has metallic and white vases as well as candle holders. These will complement the aesthetic appeal of the large marquee numbers in galvanized steel. In contrast to the industrial vibe of the marquee signs, make sure to add wholesale artificial greeneries garlands, florals or table runners.

Ceilings and backdrops in metallic or sheer fabrics would be perfect to give your event a cohesive look and tie in with the galvanized steel signs. 

Give your events the visual display they deserve with light up 4 ft. tall marquee numbers. They can be excellent sources of illumination, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and serve as a memorable backdrop for photo booths. Shop for marquee signs, complementary draping supplies, table linens, and other decors at CV Linens today.

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