60"x120" Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth

Our wholesale 60"x120" Rectangular Polyester Tablecloths are one of our most popular table linens. Not only are these rectangular event tablecloths highly durable and generally stain-resistant, but they also exude a very elegant and professional quality. It is a hearty material that is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from a durable polyester material with an approximate 200 GSM, the design matches the fabric integrity, boasting a seamless shape with square corners. This seamless design ensures that each tablecloth maintains its beautiful look no matter how often you use them. These table coverings require low maintenance care as they are machine washable and dryable for easy repeat wash-and-go party planning!

Our wholesale solid-colored fabric tablecloths coordinate with any style dinnerware or decor while helping you keep to a budget. Whether you're dressing up guest tables or a dessert buffet, tossing on a polyester tablecloth is the perfect way to make a big effect through a small change. Quality table linens provide a great opportunity to express your event's color scheme. While many formal occasions call for ivory or white shades, there are many events that invite the presence of more intense pigments to brilliantly capture a sophisticated allure of color. Furthermore, our rectangle polyester tablecloths offer a superb jumping point for building an even more dramatic tablescape, allowing you to top with overlays, runners, napkins, placemats, and dinnerware to bring dimension, texture, and layers of color to your table layouts.

Making an exceptional presentation with an elegant drape, polyester is a classic tablecloth with a classic look. This size of our polyester tablecloths can be used on both 6ft rectangular tables with a long end drop of 15" and short end drop of 24". On an 8ft rectangular table, this size will give a 15" drop on the long sides and 12" on the short end. For a more dramatic drape, larger polyester tablecloths are available in sizes like 60" x 126",90" x 132" and 90" x 156". Meanwhile, our classic 60"x 120" tablecloths also come available in satin, burlap, and faux burlap materials to best complement the theme of your special event. To provide the best color foundation possible for your wedding, shower, birthday, anniversary, or formal dinner, these rectangular tablecloths are offered in a large selection of different hues to elevate your tables and cooperate with your specific event theme.

Linen tablecloths certainly help to elevate the ambiance of any dining experience, yet covering multiple tables for a large event can also get expensive. With our discount wholesale prices, you can economically decorate event tables and still make a huge impact on the aesthetic of your venue. Use this versatile table cover to style your reception tables, shower tables, head tables, buffets, and cake or gift tables and let the sophistication take over!These rectangular polyester tablecloths will satisfy just about any party planner or event space with its top-quality construction and popular reputation. Take a look for yourself to see why polyester is the go-to table fabric for weddings, restaurants, catering services, and party planners.

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