90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth

Covering your tables with tablecloths is a number one priority at any event. Uncovered table surfaces are typically worn and unmatching deterring any decorative efforts from the bride or host. Polyester tablecloths will provide a consistent color and theme while completely covering your tables. Centerpieces and surrounding décor are visually accentuated with the graceful backdrop that your tablecloth provides.

Rectangular guest tables are commonly found in 6 ft. lengths. Our 90”X132” oblong polyester tablecloths flow over the table perfectly. Planning pros advise that leaving the bottom exposed might be considered a faux pas that can be easily avoided. Our polyester material will effortlessly glide down to the floor concealing all four table legs and mechanical aspects in one swift motion. There will be no gathering or awkward bunching along the edges as our tablecloths are made with oblong or rounded corners that create a seamless fit.

When choosing a tablecloth material, opting for polyester is the smart and savvy choice to make. They are durable and lasting with a high GSM weight along with an easy to care for regimen. Each tablecloth is machine washable saving you any costly trips to the dry cleaners. They are less prone to wrinkling and are less absorbent than other materials instilling a less stressful experience.

We offer a generous collection of tablecloth colors that will suit your stylish flair. They are a wonderful way to showcase your wedding colors or balance any complementing hues. The variety of tables in the room have different purposes. You can choose one color for all of them or alternate depending on its use. Tablecloths make it easy to decoratively enhance your guest seating, food or gift displays and the long-cherished cake table that is often a highlight on the itinerary.

Small parties to large receptions welcome the use of rectangular tablecloths as an added yet necessary elegance. Wedding receptions, showers, dinner parties and celebrations will all benefit from our tablecloth collection. Coordinate your oblong tablecloths with overlays, runners and chair covers for a completed tableside look. From uptown glamour to rustic chic, we have everything you need to dress your space in style.


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