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Decorate your tablescape with elegant flower vase centerpieces from CV Linens!

Whether you need several vibrant and festive floral centerpiece arrangements for a bridal luncheon or a few casual bouquets at an elegant wedding reception, the right flower vase can make all the difference in showcasing lovely blooms.

Floral decorations are a celebration staple, especially for weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate events and other gatherings. Whether you are using fresh flowers or these equally stunning yet less expensive artificial flowers, make a statement with delicate floral arrangements using CV Linens' flower vase centerpieces.

Style with Flower Vase Centerpiece

Acrylic flower vases offer beauty and durability, and their clear appearance is similar to glass vase centerpieces, but are more affordable and are less prone to breakage.

Acrylic material creates lighter vase centerpieces so you need to consider that when styling your flower arrangement. You may opt to use wet floral foam, or water beads for added stability as well as to keep your flowers looking fresh throughout the event. For outdoor events keep flowers away from direct sunlight to prevent wilting. For indoor events, consider that heat from event lighting can cause fresh flowers to wilt easily.

For artificial flowers, wilting will not be a problem at all! Simply use pebbles or marbles, or even floral wire to hold the faux florals in place.

Flower riser centerpiece stands to let your arrangement stand out when used as part of the tablescape decor. This will work for small or tall flower vases paired with elaborate or simple flower arrangements.

Caring For Your Vase Centerpieces

CV Linens flower vase centerpieces are made of thick acrylic material or durable metal that is sure to be a great investment, whether you are styling parties or simply doing DIY decorations at home.

After your event, you can use your flower vase as a tabletop centerpiece for your dining table or coffee tables at home.

The longevity and beauty of your flower vase centerpieces depend on proper maintenance. Prepare floral centerpieces for your next event, with proper care before storing them. Simply make sure to clean them thoroughly with mild soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth. Dry them with cotton or microfiber towels and wrap them carefully using bubble wrap or cardboard and store them along with your other party decorations. Keep them out of direct sunlight and other heat sources to lengthen their lifespan.

By following these simple instructions, you can prolong the beauty of your flower vase.

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