Blue Charger Plates

Instantly elevate your party tables with charger plates, a simple but very elegant event decor that’s so easy to use. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and dinner banquets, blue charger plates are a must-have for party decorators and event hobbyists alike. These plates are used primarily for decor purposes only and are used to carry plates with no actual contact with the food. 

Charger plates, also called service plates, are large decorative plates used as a base for plates and other dinnerware. They are commonly used in formal table settings for an elegant plated serving of food.

Why Use Charger Plates

Apart from their primary decorative purpose, charger plates also have more practical uses. It can help you keep your tablecloths free of stains by catching spills from your guests’ table plates or soup bowls. 

In this sense, charger plates are similar to placemats. The difference is that charger plates are usually removed from the dinner table after meals are served. They also have limited coverage. Placemats are usually made out of fabric materials, while most plates are made of ceramics, metal, glass, or acrylic charger plates.

Charger plates are a good way to instantly elevate your table set-up. Quickly add color, depth, and texture to your tablescape with this tabletop decor. Compared to tablescapes with no charger plates, you have an added decorative touch with practical uses when you choose to incorporate this design piece into your tablescape.

Versatile Decor: Shades of Blue 

Blue charger plates are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from casual to formal parties. You can choose from a large selection of charger plates of different shades of blue. Choose from the following options to suit your party theme needs:

  • royal blue charger plates
  • navy blue charger plates
  • dusty blue charger plates
  • turquoise charger plates

  • Charger Plates for All Occasions

    Layered place settings add elegance to any size event. To ensure each guest has a memorable dining experience, it's important to order the right quantity of charger plates.

    For intimate parties, opt to order blue charger plates set of 4 or blue charger plates set of 6. For big weddings and larger get-togethers, order some blue charger plates set of 12 or blue charger plates set of 50 for even bigger parties like reunions. 

    Although charger plates are made of metal, glass, or acrylic, you pair them with any style of dishware. For quick and easy setup and clean-up, match blue charger plates and disposable dinnerware, especially for outdoor parties.

    Mix and Match with Party Decor

    Pair your blue charger plates with equally stylish party decor to glam up your event. 

    Give a dash of shine to the walls of your event space with our event draping and background decor. Style your party stage or photo booth area with some spangle shimmer sequin wall backdrop

    Consider buying wholesale chair covers to instantly give your old party chairs a new, clean, and elegant look. For a cohesive and visually appealing celebration get party linens in matching colors to complement your charger plates.

    Charger Plates to Elevate Your Party Decor 

    We’ve gone through the basics of what charger plates are and the range of decor options you can have. Place your blue charger plates bulk order and get major discounts. The same goes when you shop bulk tablecloths and party decor. Get more for less when you take advantage of our low wholesale prices when you buy party supplies in bulk.

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