Blush Rose Gold Table Runners

Complete your table decor by accessorizing with our stunning collection Blush Rose Gold table runners! We are honored to present the industry’s largest and most luxurious selection of trending Blush Rose Gold table runners at an unbeatable wholesale price. Blush or rose gold event linens are by far one of the top colors for wedding, quinceaneras and baby showers due to the elegant and complementary undertones. Allow our Blush Rose Gold Table runners to define your tablescape decor to instantly upgrade the look of your venue and gain that coveted wow-factor!

Designed to be placed down in the middle of your table or tablecloth, to define your guest seating area as well as to create a stunning focal point to accentuate your centerpieces, table runners are an essential asset to tablescapes. If your table decor includes a candelabra centerpiece with lit candles instead of led candles, the occasional candle wax spill may occur. Using a table runner will protect your table and tablecloth from such spill while providing a captivating beauty to your tablescape

At CV Linens we are pleased to present a diverse selection of Blush Rose Gold Table Runners you may select from to ensure your table decor is as stunning as you had personally envisioned! Some of the styles we are proud to exclusively offer include our shiny and luxurious Satin Wedding Rosette table runners! These stunning 108” long x 12” wide runners provide true elegance covered in fantastic large 3D rosettes with smaller rosettes nestled in between. For a style with smaller flower accents, consider our Mini Rosette or Flower on Sequin  Runners. Another trending customer favorite runner we are glad to provide is our flowy and delicate Chiffon Wedding Table Runners! Chiffon’s sophisticated gauzy and soft romantic traits create a gentle cascade that flows gracefully at beach side or rustic weddings.

To create an elegant statement for your special event, consider our sparkling blush Glitz Sequin Table Runner. These 9 ft long by 12” wide table runners will offer the perfect glitz and glam every event décor needs. Sequin runners add the extra layer of sparkle and color with virtually no effort! A popular way to draw in interest and play up the lighting of your venue, sequins are more than just a contemporary decor choice for weddings and other events. Indeed, sequins are a great way to elevate the appeal of any occasion! If glitzy runners are not your preferred route to take, consider our solid runners in satin, polyester, taffeta and lamour satin or faux burlap table runners! Proving the natural, authentic burlap appearance you love without any hassle, our wholesale Faux Burlap Table Runners are made of 100% durable polyester with a softer to the touch finish than jute burlap. Faux burlap is easy to machine wash and iron. Use this unique wholesale table linen for rustic, shabby chic, barn, country, or western themed weddings and events. With both traditional and unique colors available, our Faux Burlap Table Runners are sure to be a hit with brides, rental companies, event planners, banquet halls, and more!

At CV Linens it is our goal to offer a dashing variety of luxurious Blush Rose Gold table runners all sold at great low wholesale prices! Feel free to browse our lavish collection and pair them with our Blush/Rose Gold chair sashes, napkins, and tablecloths to captivate true event décor fascination!

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