Burgundy Table Runners

Create a perfect accent to your tablescape with burgundy table runners from CV Linens! Burgundy’s deep reddish purple tone, is the perfect color for any season, with more popularity during fall and winter. Burgundy presents a warm sense of beauty and it complements a large array of colors including gold, champagne and blushes very well. This strong and rich color can be powerful and will make its presence known. As a popular color tone, it can be seen at any indoor or outdoor event including weddings, bridal showers, quinceaneras, holiday gatherings, and much more! Capture the look of your dreams with our wholesale collection of burgundy table runners!

Prepare to leave a stunning impression and grab the attention of any client or guest with the wide variety of materials we offer our burgundy table runners in. To captivate a flowy and stylish look, complete your tabletop with the chiffon, sheer voile or organza table runners. Satin, sequin, lamour satin, taffeta, and velvet will be sure to add a special touch of romance in our burgundy tone.

For a sparkling touch, make sure to include our glitz sequin table runner in your decor. The durability of the taffeta backing on our glitz sequin line will ensure the material will last for many events to come. Dress up the center of your tables with some of our other patterns/designs including accordion crinkle, large rosette, petal circle, wedding rosette, and sequin embroidery. Most of our table runners are available with a width of about 12” to 13” and a length of 108”. The only exception is our extra long chiffon table runner at approximately 27” wide and 120” long . With these lengths provided, you will have more material to cover your table or to drop from the edge.

Table runners are mainly used to decorate the center of a table, but the possibilities are endless. Most linens can be used for more than just their intended use. They can also be used across the table to help define seating for the guests at an event. Your table runner adds color and texture while setting the foundation for the centerpieces or charger plates on the table. It will be the focal point that will attract anyone’s attention at first sight. After the setup, your tablescape will come together to create a more cohesive look!

Typically, most will believe that table runners can only be used for formal events like weddings, but there are no strict guidelines. Table runners are the most perfect addition to your main table during your holiday dinner. You can even decorate almost any table throughout your household for everyday use or create a special theme for a specific holiday. No matter how you choose to use them, you will definitely be satisfied. Explore your imagination and shop the large collection of burgundy table runners available from CV Linens to bring your ideas to life!
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