Burnt Orange Napkins

Formal table settings will only be complete with napkins, and linen napkins are the answer if you are looking for durability, sustainability, and versatility. If you want a unique, warm color, why not try burnt orange napkins? You can find burnt orange polyester linens at CV Linens, along with other wholesale event supplies. 

Why Use Linen Napkins In Events

Linen napkins, regardless of how small they are in size compared to the other decor in your table setting, play a significant role in creating the ambiance you want. They can help deliver the atmosphere your event needs in the following ways: 

  • Add a touch of luxury and elegance 

Linen napkins look elegant and sophisticated. When added to your tablescape, they bring a sense of class. At CV Linens, you can find them in satin, lamour, velvet and polyester. These are commonly used in weddings, banquets, and galas. 

  • Promote sustainability

If you want to introduce the sustainability factor in your events, consider buying burnt orange napkins in bulk. They are made of cloth and can be reused, making them more eco-friendly than disposable paper napkins. 

  • Give guests comfort

Linen napkins are comfortable to use because of their water-absorbent and soft materials. 

  • Allow for customization

You can order polyester burnt orange linen napkins from CV Linens and have them customized. Iron on monogram letters make it easy to create personalized wedding napkins. 

  • Honor tradition 

Burnt orange napkins have long been a part of the tradition of hosting formal events. Putting these napkins on the charger plates will give the events the ceremonial factor that will elevate their level of formality. 

What To Expect From Our Burnt Orange Napkins

Linen napkins offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for both formal and casual dining occasions:

  • Captivating color

The burnt orange color of the linen napkins is eye-catching and memorable. It adds depth and warmth to your tablescape. It is also the ideal option for autumn and fall events and ones with rustic themes. 

  • Versatility

CV Linens sells 20” x 20” burnt orange napkins cloth options. This size makes folding napkins into various shapes and designs easier. If you want the versatility to match various themes for different events, you can get it from our linen napkins. 

  • Durability 

Unlike disposable napkins, you can use and reuse satin and polyester napkins several times, event after event. Their durable construction ensures they are not easily torn, withstand frequent use, making them a practical and long-lasting choice.

  • Low maintenance 

Polyester and satin napkins are easy to care for. Just wash them with a mild detergent, dry them, and fold them neatly to be ready for your next event. It's as simple as that! 

  • Budget wholesale prices 

CV Linens sells event linens and decor, such as wholesale chair covers, tablecloths, draping, and burnt orange napkins wedding and other formal event needs, at wholesale prices. If you are looking for quality linens and event supplies without breaking the bank, browse our website.

  • More savings

On top of getting wholesale prices for our event supplies, we can save you more money if you shop burnt orange event linens from us in bulk. We do not impose a minimum order amount, and if your order reaches at least $99 for delivery within the 48 continental US, we can ship them to you for free.

What Linens And Decors Go Well With Burnt Orange Napkins 

Burnt orange linen napkins are captivating and unique, so it helps to know how to work your way around them.

Pair them with charcoal gray or black tablecloths with a dramatic appeal or beige or natural-colored burlap table covers if you want a rustic look. If you haven’t decided on the color of your dinner napkins, match it with the tablecloth’s color and place it to the left of the fork or on top of the dinner plates.

As for centerpieces, you can find silver or gold candleholders at CV Linens. To capture the essence of a rustic-themed event, add branches, leaves, and wood details.

Burgundy dahlias, sunflowers, orange or red roses easily complement your burnt orange napkins set of 6. CV Linens sells red and terracotta artificial roses for diy floral arrangements. 

Place linen napkins on copper or gold-colored charger plates to give your tables a sophisticated layered look. A more rustic vibe would need wooden charger plates.

Proper napkin placement on table setting ensures guests will feel the formality of the event as well as follow proper etiquettes. This includes picking up, unfolding, and placing the napkin on their lap without reaching above table level. They can then place the napkin to the left of their plate once they are done eating. 

Drapes and backdrops in earthy or natural tones easily match rust napkins. If you want to add glamor, you can use backdrops with metallic sequin accents. 

Give your table setting a more exciting color with burnt orange napkins. Shop bulk tablecloths, linen napkins, and other event supplies at CV Linens today to complete the decor for any celebration.

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