Chiffon Tulle Extra Long Table Skirts

A Flowing Foundation for Memorable Events

Chiffon and tulle table skirts offer an enchanting base to dress up event tables. Extra long for dramatic pooling, they add a touch of romance and softness to weddings and grand celebrations.

Why Choose CV Linens?

At CV Linens, our core promises are quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Our chiffon table skirts are a perfect example of our commitment to bringing you the best products for your event planning needs.

The Luxurious Look of Chiffon and Tulle

  • Sheer Elegance: Soft, flowing chiffon with tulle gives table settings a light, airy feel.
  • Extra Length: Our table skirts come in extra-long lengths to create a stunning pooling effect on the floor.
  • Perfect for Pooling: Ideal for adding luxurious volume and drama to any table.

Colors to Captivate

  • Classic and Contemporary Hues: Choose from timeless White, elegant Ivory, trendy Rose Gold, or serene Dusty Blue.
  • Versatile Shades: Perfectly matched to any theme or decor style.

Value for Visionaries

  • Wholesale Offers: Exceptional deals for bulk purchases, ensuring your vision doesn't exceed your budget.
  • Quality and Quantity: Superior materials that stand up to repeated use are available in large quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the chiffon and tulle table skirts be used outdoors?

Yes, our table skirts can be used for outdoor events. However, we recommend securing them well to avoid movement from the wind and keeping them away from moisture and dirt to maintain their pristine appearance.

How do I care for and store these table skirts?

For care and storage, gently brush off any loose dirt after use and hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle using cold water. To dry, use a low heat setting or hang them to dry. Once completely dry, fold them neatly or roll them to avoid wrinkles and store them in a dry place.

The Final Touch for Tablescapes

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