Shop by Color: Charcoal

Charcoal, being a dark neutral color, can hold a variety of symbolic meanings on a tablecloth depending on the context. It can symbolize formality, simplicity, and bring intrigue.

Bringing that to your event, our collection of charcoal table linens and party supplies is perfect to match any formal or simple occasion and bring curiosity to the table, enticing party-goers to enjoy the event.

Perfect Fit for Different Tables

Our charcoal tablecloths come in different sizes, perfect for small to large events. Starting with our round tablecloths that can bring a sense of togetherness and bond to small events. They come in 90”, 120”, or 132”, depending on how many people you plan to sit at one table.

We also have our rectangular tables with dimensions ranging from 60" x 120", 60" x 126", 90" x 108" for 4 ft tables, 90" x 132" for 6 ft tables, or 90" x 156" for 8 ft tables.

Lastly, our oblong charcoal tablecloths come in  90" x 108" for 4 ft tables, 90" x 132" for 6 ft tables, or 90" x 156" for 8 ft tables.

Completing Your Tablescapes with Our Different Charcoal Offerings

The charcoal color isn’t for tabletops only. Our stylish backdrop curtain panel is perfect for photo ops or center stage to frame beautiful memories. You can also make the cocktail tables as classy platforms using our table covers.

Bring out the inner designer in you using our charcoal fabric rolls. Style them as custom swaths or table runners.

You can also use the fabric rolls as elegant ceiling installations to bring a touch of grandeur to your events.

Little details are equally important as the big details and elements to transform your event space. Our Charcoal collection includes matching table napkins so you can achieve a solid event style.

We also have our charcoal overlay toppers to further create an aesthetically consistent look and feel. The toppers will add a touch of dimension to your table settings.

Looking to infuse some vintage touch into your party? Consider using our transparent reef plastic charger plates in charcoal. The plates will not only enhance your charcoal event linens but will also bring a frisky texture.

Then, try our vintage acrylic goblets or the ripple-design wine goblets to add a beautiful twist to your drinking glasses. They will effortlessly blend well with your charcoal linens.
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