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Chartreuse Linens

Chartreuse is a beautiful blend of yellow and green. This shade has the power to inject playful sophistication into any event space. Our collection of chartreuse tablecloth linens is an ensemble of shades and textures, perfect for crafting a memorable atmosphere.

Different Chartreuse Linens

You can’t go wrong with choosing our collection of chartreuse event linens. They are crafted to impress the guests while earning the trust of every event planner. 


We offer pastel chartreuse cotton gauze crinkle napkins if you are going for a unique look. It features delicate tiny squares that add some colors to your tablescapes. It is perfect for a comfy, windy brunch or a romantic garden wedding.

Table Runners

If your event leans on creating a bolder statement, you can try our vibrant chartreuse cheesecloth table runner. This 25-foot runner cascades down your table and commands attention while lending a whimsical texture.

Chair Bands and Sashes 

Don’t forget to adorn your event chairs as well. We offer a variety of chair bands and sashes, along with an assortment of chair covers. You can surely find one to mix and match with chartreuse linens.


Be captivated by our sheer voile drapes for a seamless elegance. The drapes can be an event backdrop for a sweetheart table.

Moreover, the drapes can be used as classy room dividers. They are flame-retardant for safety purposes. The sheer voile drapes come in different sizes, ranging from 8ft, 12ft, to 14ft. All these panel sizes are sure to drape gracefully while bringing in a soft and diffused light effect.

To perfectly complement the chartreuse drapes, use our pipe and drape sets. You can trust its stability despite foot traffic in areas where you will position the draping. 

Decorating Your Event With Our Chartreuse Collection

As far as your creativity can reach, styling possibilities for chartreuse is never a problem. Try pairing our chartreuse linens with white or metallic accents for a polished and contemporary atmosphere.

You can also place chartreuse linen alongside natural elements like wood and burlap for an earthy look and feel. If you’re going for a vintage look, these unique linens will be perfect. Create a nostalgic ambiance by incorporating chartreuse with lace, vintage china, and soft lighting.

Our chartreuse collection offers luxurious linens at affordable prices. You can create stunning visuals without exceeding your budget.

Glamorize your next event with a touch of chartreuse. Explore CV Linens' exquisite collections and discover how our tablecloth linens can make your event one for the books. Shop wholesale and get big savings today!

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