Shop by Color: Cornflower/Serenity

Create a soft and dreamy partyscape with a dash or hearty dose of our cornflower/serenity blue party supplies. The cornflower/serenity shade is a cool, soft blue hue that evokes a tranquil feeling for all types of events including weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, sweet 16 celebrations, and more. For a wedding, a cornflower blue theme also means that incorporating your 'something blue' will be an easily accomplished task. Blue is a beautiful shade to opt for your event decor that looks great in romantic settings. Blues in general are a great choice for a party because of their calming effect on an already exciting scene. Whether planning a classic blue and white theme with hints of contrast added in, or you are planning on a different pairing altogether, coloring your special events with the subtle hues of the calming cornflower blue is always a smart choice. From cornflower blue table linens and napkins to serenity blue chair sashes, infuse your special occasion look with the soft brilliance and delicate beauty of this lovely cornflower/serenity shade.
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