Shop by Color: Dark Turquoise

Do you have an underwater or tropical theme in mind for your event? Decors in dark turquoise color would be perfect for these types of events. You could highlight the color in events by using dark turquoise table runners, drapes, napkins, chair covers, or sashes. If you've chosen this color scheme, you can enjoy various decor options at CV Linens. 

What Emotions Dark Turquoise Color Evokes

As an event planner, do you want to evoke feelings of balance and serenity from your guests? Dark turquoise colors can accomplish that and more. They are often the choice of color if you want to make the partygoers feel the following vibes and emotions: 


Dark turquoise is easily associated with the color of the sea and sky. If you want your guests to be reminded of peacefulness when they go to the beach or the open sea, this color would be perfect. Get some dark turquoise drapes to make your guests feel at ease. 


The dark turquoise color looks cool and soothing, giving any venue a calm atmosphere. 


Dark turquoise's existence alone shows balance as it is an excellent combination of green and blue. It looks harmonious and stable, something you might like in happy gatherings like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. 


Make the most of the dark turquoise decor's lively and vibrant energy. Infuse positive feelings and reinforce happiness in your events. Use something like dark turquoise chair sashes against white chair covers. Like the ones sold at CV Linens, you can also go bluer using blue chair covers, be they in spandex, glitz sequin, and universal satin.

What Themes Call For Dark Turquoise Color Palette

You can play around with dark turquoise colors if you have events with themes along these lines:

Underwater Theme 

If you think of underwater themes, you would think of the ocean's blue and green colors, something you can get from dark turquoise. The venue does not have to be decked out in turquoise. It can be like white tablecloths with white dinnerware, dark turquoise runners, white faux flowers, dark turquoise drapes, and white balloons. 

Winter Wonderland

Imagine having a dark turquoise color match with white and silver balloons. You can also have silver drapes, dark turquoise chair covers, and white tablecloths at CV Linens. Add decors like silver snowflakes, faux icicles, and glittering lights. Think of a Frozen birthday party and the color of Elsa's dress. 

Tropical Getaway

The tropics are known for their dark turquoise waters. You can make your venue livelier by sprinkling yellow, pink, and green and bringing in some fake palm trees, fruity cocktails, and lots of flowers and greeneries. 

Vintage Glamor 

One of the best qualities of the color dark turquoise is it looks sophisticated, making it an easy choice for vintage glamor-themed parties. Wouldn't it be fun to go all out with dark turquoise satin or velvet tablecloths, tall gold candelabras as centerpieces, white faux roses, white plates, gold eating utensils, dark turquoise napkins, and glass chairs? 

Other Event Decors That Match Dark Turquoise 

Give your dark turquoise theme a boost by adding the following decors: 

Table Linens

Make dark turquoise decors stand out by using ivory or white tablecloths. You can also use metallic or silver table runners. If you want to add more colors, go with the earthy beige, gray, or taupe tones. 


If you choose to use dark turquoise chair covers, complement the huge block of blue and green color combo with cream or white faux flowers as the centerpiece. The contrast will look elegant. You can also do it the other way around by using white chair covers to work with peach or vibrant-colored faux flowers. 


Let dark turquoise decors shine with warm or soft white lighting. The venue will look inviting without blinding your guests. You can play around with green or subtle blue accent lighting, too.

Other decors 

If you need more decors, choose silver or gold metallic accessories, such as vases, candle holders, or charger plates. Glass or crystal decors can enhance the event's sophistication and aesthetic appeal. Include some greenery like the faux eucalyptus garland leaves you can buy at CV Linens.

 Make dark turquoise color shine in your events. Give them the attention this aesthetic color deserves by using dark turquoise velvet fabric for the table linens, enjoy their benefits, and know when to use them in your events. Get anything dark turquoise here at CV Linens, from drapes and runners to tablecloths, napkins, sashes, and fabric rolls. Shop now!

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