Shop by Color: Light Ivory/Off White

There are some wedding colors that will never go out of style and instead to rise above the occasion to become a staple of elegance and sophistication despite the decade or theme in which your event is held. Light Ivory/ Off White, is just such a color that seems to integrate exceedingly well in the wedding world, or really any event space.Light Ivory/Off White creates a superb jumping off point for glamorous glitz and sparkle, for subdued nature-scapes, vintage touches, or traditional color pairings. This delicate color is a sought after hue for baptism parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas celebrations and any event in which you seek to impart a neutral color into your party decor theme. With an Light Ivory/Off White tablecloths or chair covers, you create an understated look that is classy and sets the scene for an elegant affair. This neutral shade is an eye-pleasing foundation for topping with a contrasting solid or print overlay, linen napkin, dinnerware or other element in order to create a festive and harmonious complement to the scheme and special meaning of your ceremony or reception.
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