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Magenta Tablecloth Linens and Party Supplies

With their bright and vibrant shade, our collection of magenta tablecloth linens and party supplies can contribute to the overall feel of the event and curate memorable atmospheres. We offer different products that can bring a cheerful vibe into any space. 

Our Collection of Magenta Linens and Party Supplies

Our extensive collection of magenta supplies covers tablecloths to acrylic goblets, which can be used for any kind of event. 


Occasions like weddings and anniversaries can go beyond the neutral colors. With magenta tablecloths, you can surely infuse unexpected charm into romantic celebrations. Try matching them with softer tones like champagne or ivory for a captivating aesthetic.

Cloth Napkins

Ditch the paper napkins and elevate your party with magenta cloth napkins.  They're reusable, fancy-looking, and way more comfortable for your guests.

Charger Plates

Our durable reef acrylic plastic charger plates are available to protect your tablecloths and can also work as a decorative piece for any table. They go under dinner plates, which you can decorate with other shades to show more character.

Chair Bands

Dress up your event chairs with stylish magenta chair bands in velvet or stretch spandex. You are sure to create a cohesive look for your seating arrangements.

Backdrop Curtain Panel

Make a statement with a bold backdrop curtain panel. With a bright and eye-catching color, they come in different materials like velvet, Lamour satin, or glitz sequin. This is perfect for photo booths, stages, or head tables.

Vintage Acrylic Goblets

Looking for something unique?  Our vintage acrylic goblets come in magenta and add a touch of retro charm to your party.  They're perfect for fancy drinks or displaying colorful candies.

Metal Cylinder Pedestal Cover

Convert ordinary pedestals into stunning focal points with our metal cylinder pedestal covers. Offered in a variety of sizes, they can be dressed up with magenta linens for an unforgettable look and feel.

Different Fabrics and Materials

We get it, magenta is a fabulous color, but you want options! That's why we offer our entire line of party supplies in a variety of amazing materials to match your party's vibe.


Imagine a tablecloth and chair bands and sashes so soft and luxurious, it feels like royalty. That's the magic of velvet! Perfect for an elegant dinner party or baby shower.

Lamour Satin

Get a satin smooth finish with our lamour satin supplies. The soft sheen of Lamour satin reflects light, which can add sparkle to any event. You can select these materials under tablecloths, table runners, and overlays. 

Glitz Sequin

If you want to bring more sparkle and shine to your event, you can use glitz sequin linens, like table runners, overlays, and backdrop curtains. You can certainly create unforgettable events with this fabric.

Stretch Spandex

Need a tablecloth that fits all sorts of tables? Stretch spandex is your friend! It's easy to care for, wrinkle-resistant, and comes in a variety of vibrant magenta shades.

Leaf Petal Taffet

Taffeta is known for its beautiful sheen and the leaf pattern adds a touch of fun texture. Its delicate texture creates a soft, cascading effect, which is perfect for a fairytale-inspired event.

Let CV Linens™’ Magenta Event Linens collection help you create captivating moments. Explore the collection today and discover a world of vibrant possibilities! 

We also offer a comprehensive range of wholesale tablecloth linens and party essentials. Every product is crafted with quality, durability, and affordability that event planners and stylists can trust. Browse our products and buy wholesale to save big today.

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