Shop by Color: Magenta Violet

Have you ever entered an event venue and felt instantly transported? More than the music, the lighting, or even the venue itself, it is the color that tells a story about your special event. Magenta violet represents spirituality, imagination, creativity, wisdom and luxury. As the parent color, purple combines the calming stability of blue with the fierce energetic spirit of red, with the more specific shade of violet appearing in the visible light spectrum. This warm yet vibrant shade is a maestro of first impressions, grabbing attention to summon an almost regal response. When combined with gold, magenta violet it is the best symbol for passion and love, making it a superb choice for weddings, bridal showers, and anniversary celebrations. With a lively spirit, this shade is a stunning option for both kid and adult parties, bringing spirited whimsy and demure sophistication to the occasion. Disperse this inspiring magenta color throughout your special event venue when you shop wholesale party decor from CV Linens to discover our selection of magenta violet table linen, chair accents, and more!
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