Shop by Color: Medium Pink

Medium pink is a color that is highly versatile. Depending on the shade, a medium pink color theme can play up a romantic air in addition to a playful, elegant, or even edgy spirit. If you are looking for a way to brighten your party decor, pink is just the color to achieve a bubbly and personable perspective for your special event. This frothy hue boasts a contagiously playful nature. From unicorn parties and ballerina birthdays to sweet 16 or quinceanera celebrations, pink is an effervescent color that is also surprisingly calming. For bridal showers or wedding receptions, pink bespeaks a nature of love that is instantly recognizable, setting a romantic air and reminding all in attendance as to the significant meaning behind this cheerful and monumental occasion. Pink also heralds a very feminine nature, making this color a sensible choice for baby girl showers. When paired with soft shades or glittering patterns, medium pink welcomes a new arrival with memorable flair. Whatever the cause of celebration, pink is certainly a welcoming addition to your event decor. Shop our wholesale pink party supplies now and save on elegant table linens, chair decor, and other must-have event decor.
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