Shop by Color: Pewter

If you love the muted shade of gray, wait until you discover the deep and sultry tones of pewter. Pewter is a color distinguished between silver and deep gray. As a largely neutral color, it couples well with all of the colors in the spectrum. Wedding receptions especially have recently began turning to this warm neutral shade to represent their special day as it can easily portray a vintage, rustic, traditional, or glamorous theme. This cozy color combined with white and black or silver and black translates to a posh aesthetic of elegance and sophistication.

Pewter gray also blends easily with warm neutral palettes or cool earth tones. When accessorizing pewter with silver and purple, this flexible hue creates a striking glamorous prestige. Not just for weddings, pewter gray can bring a classy touch to any celebration formal or informal. It can be paired with pink for a sweet baby girl shower or teal for an adult birthday party -- the possibilities and personalities of pewter gray are truly endless.

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