Curly Willow Chiavari Chair Back Slip Cover

Our elegant Curly Willow Chiavari Chair Back Slip Cover features cascading strands of our high-quality organza to create our signature Curly Willow style. Give any celebration a simply sophisticated look with these spectacular chair enhancements perfect for a wedding reception, birthday party, ceremony, graduation, bridal or baby shower. Chiavari chairs have become the seating preference of choice, not only for their simple elegance, but also because they are one of the easiest chairs to work with decor-wise. While the Chiavari Chair bespeaks a stunning presence all on its own, when you want an upscale look that goes beyond the pale, chair caps produce that desired effect that captivates and stuns.

There is no doubt that chair covers create a chic atmosphere, but when you want to convey elegance on a smaller scale, chair caps become the affordable choice to decorate your event chairs. With zero-hassle installation (they slip over the back of the chair in a one-step process), these curly willow chiavari chair back slipcovers provide a stimulating party atmosphere without the fuss.
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