Disposable Dishware

Have you ever imagined letting guests at your wedding use Disposable Dinnerware and how it would look? If you think of formal events, from weddings to corporate ones, styrofoam plates are the last thing on your mind. But disposable utensils and plates mean the convenience of not washing them, the savings for not renting expensive china, and better hygiene for not using used dinnerware.

CV Linens offers stylish, elegant, and modern disposable plates and dishware that don't look like disposables. 

Are Plastic Disposable Dishware sets tacky to use at a wedding?

Disposables are the way to go if you want to save money instead of renting costly wedding china from your venue provider or caterer. They will not look and feel tacky if you look for durable and sturdy ones. CV Linens offers plastic cutlery that does not look like the typical plastic utensils. We also have colored plastic plates with elegant gold trimmings you can choose to match your wedding motif.

Gone are the times when your choice of disposables is limited to flimsy paper plates that easily get bent as soon as you hold them, Styrofoam plates that look as far from elegant as possible, and plastic spoons and forks that do not match any formal wedding look.

Now, you can choose from CV Linens Gold Mold or Silver Timeless collections made of plastic knives, forks, and spoons that look expensive with their gold and silver colors. You can also use our pink, blue, or white gold-trimmed plastic plates, cream or pastel tableware, and all-white square modern plates.

Another reason you should be okay with using Disposable Plastic Dinnerware or paper ones is that your guests will focus on what they are going to eat instead of what their dinnerware is made of. There are more important things they will pay attention to during your big day that something as trivial as using plastic plates will not matter as much anymore

On top of getting disposable dishware from CV Linens that are the opposite of tacky, you will also benefit from this option. Disposables are easy and quick to clean up after, and they save money compared to expensive china, and we carry them in various colors and styles. 

How do you pick the best disposable plates?

Different materials are used to make disposable plates, including paper, plastic, and biodegradable materials.

Plastic plates are the most popular Disposable Dishware because of their versatility in handling hot, cold, wet, and dry food. They are molded into round, rectangular, oval, and square shapes. Depending on the motif of your event, you can find plastic disposable plates and utensils in a wide variety of colors. CV Linens has plates in enchanting blue, elegant cream, lovely pink, and beautiful white.

Paper plates are also popular because they are available in different colors and designs. Since their material cannot accommodate wet food, they are best used if you plan on serving dry meals to your guests. CV Linens carries them in cute designs, such as confetti, colorful marble, shiny blue, unicorn, and blue stripes.

Disposables are now available in biodegradable materials like palm leaves and sugar cane. Depending on their design, you can find disposable ecological dishware that can hold dry and wet food.

You can find the best wedding or birthday plastic plates if you consider a few factors, such as the following:

Choose disposable dinnerware with the same accent colors that the rest of your event has. For instance, if your wedding has gold, find gold-trimmed disposable plates. The same goes if you use silver accents. Choosing the same shades of colors ensures a cohesive look.

Find Disposable Dishware that looks like real china and handle it as if it's the real thing. Make an effort to set them properly on the table instead of stacking them on top of each other and putting them to the side for people to pick them up.

Buy Disposable Dishware matching cute table setting details like napkins, napkin rings, and centerpieces. 

Stunning Disposable Dinnerware from CV Linens

Add these stunning silver plastic cutlery from our Mod Collection to your cart now! Check out these 40-pcs combo minimalist square plastic plates to match your silver cutlery for multi-course meals.

Our Mod collection is also available in black and white! You may also check out our fun and sparkly Unicorn Disposable Dinnerware that is perfect for kids’ birthday parties.

For every color combination, you are sure to find eye-catching dinnerware and matching charger plates here on our website. Get even bigger discounts when you purchase in bulk! 

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