Disposable Foil Curtain Backdrops

Shimmer and Shine: Create a Stunning Backdrop with Disposable Foil Curtains

When planning any event, whether a small party for friends or an event for your workplace, there’s nothing like setting the scene for what kind of event everyone is in store for. At CV Linens, we stock a wide range of disposable foil fringe backdrops that are perfect for adding a bit of flair to just about any kind of event.

If you want a party photo backdrop, a creative room divider, or just a fun bit of color to splash on an otherwise bare wall, a foil fringe curtain or backdrop is great for doing that. These affordable pieces are easy to set up and cover quite a bit of space for the barest cost. They also come in tons of different colors and sheens.

Foil Fringe Backdrop Variety

There are all kinds of foil fringe backdrops to choose from. You can get metallic foil fringe, rainbow fringe, and just about any other tinsel curtain style you can think of from us here at CV Linens. Some color options for you to consider include:


What sizes can I get?

Our metallic foil fringe backdrop curtains are 39" wide and have a 6.5 feet height. CV Linens fabric backdrop drapes are available in 8, 10, 12, and 16ft drape lengths.

What materials are available?

There are many backdrop materials on our website, including glitz, chiffon, and different color waves and options, including black and blush.

What can I do with foil fringe backdrops?

There are endless ways to use foil curtains! These are highly multipurpose party decorations that you can use to upgrade a party space, use as a photo backdrop, or add some shine to a bridal shower or wedding. Use them to create DIY balloon tassels or as metal arch backdrop decor.

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