DIY Foam Rose Stems

Add floral beauty to your events and photos with our charming Artificial DIY Foam Rose Stems. These elegant faux flowers are made of soft high-quality foam, making them look like fresh roses. An elegant addition to your centerpiece and DIY displays, these faux flower stems feature layers of life-like petals with curl details. Artfully crafted for realism, their crisp blooms are designed to stay fresh looking and never wilt, which is a dream because they require absolutely no upkeep. These sophisticated blossoms are founded on a bendable 9" stem, which makes the roses very easy to work with and arrange as needed. This flexibility is perfect for crafting kissing balls, bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, wreaths, or any other floral arrangements that you want at your wedding, birthday party, bridal shower, or Valentine's celebration. Our 3” faux rose flower stems come in a pack of 50 with many color options. 

Floral arrangements make for an interesting focal point and are traditionally used in a variety of ways for many special events, but especially wedding ceremonies and receptions. These foam flower stems are marvelous for crafting your DIY bridal bouquet as well as crafting sensational wedding centerpieces. Our foam rose stems look so realistic and can be arranged in numerous ways to achieve your desired effect. They can be decorated using various shades or paired with a eucalyptus vine or other greenery sprigs to bring in a more natural look. Floral backdrops using foam flowers are great because they aren’t just wedding related, they can be used for any special event as well as photo booth backdrops for professional photos. Consider using these foam flower stems to create a custom foam flower collage, gallery wall, to accent your wedding arch, ceremony altar, or craft beautiful chair back decorations. Bundle several stems together or use them to accent the greenery already provided by your reception venue to draw in the colors and aspects of your theme. You can even use them to create tiebacks for your curtains or sensational napkin ring holders. Imagine how sensational these blooms would look in a cascade around the cake or dessert table. Their decorative uses are absolutely endless. These garden-fresh foam blossoms are lightweight and long-lasting, with no need to water, prune, or keep temperature-controlled like many real flowers require, so they are perfect for using for future events or at home. Because they are artificial, they have no scent, which means no overpowering scent or allergic reactions that could come with real blossoms. This maintenance-free rose stem can easily become the focal point of the space it is used to create a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. Our wholesale foam rose flower stems are budget-friendly, so you can feel empowered to create centerpieces for your entire wedding ceremony without the costly price tag when purchasing real flowers. Shop out our faux foam roses and add instant color and texture to your table centerpiece and DIY bouquets that are totally photo-worthy for creating that memorable, jaw-dropping entry when guests step foot into your venue.
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