Dusty Rose Table Overlay Toppers

Whether you are decorating a banquet hall or a formal dinner, a table overlay is an aspect of event planning that is easy to use and the results ensure the layout of your venue is visually interesting. Our Dusty Rose Table Overlay Toppers will really pop on your various tablescapes, whether used on top of an attractive bare table or over your various solid or print tablecloths. A square overlay can be used to partially cover a table or base linen while also introducing another fabric and/or color element. Texture is all the rage now and an elegant way to make your tables more memorable and help your centerpieces really stand out is with table overlay toppers. Our dusty rose/mauve overlay linens come in squares of 54”,72”, 85” and 90” sizes, and are available in solid lamour, satin, glitz sequin, petal circle taffeta. They can be placed on either round or rectangular tables to instantly transform your tablescapes.

All event scenes deserve thoughtful color coordination. Have you ever looked over an event space only to realize that the scene is very washed out or achromatic? While there are a plethora of color options to choose from when it comes to table linens for an event, using dusty rose table overlays are a great way to give your event that pop of color they need to stand out and make a memorable presentation, or to even tone down a dramatic color palette when working with a vibrant theme choice. The stunning pigmentation that dusty rose/mauve offers works like a tinted neutral providing more options than the classic white or ivory options. Linens are the landscape of your event, depending on the number of guests and the venue's layout, many reception spaces face the task of styling twenty or more tables. Overlays allow you to play with the visual field of the event, inviting you to mix and match, go cohesive, or give a select few honorable tables a stand-out appearance.

Whether your tables are round, square, or rectangular, the linens you choose should complement your venue and highlight your specific styling theme. Table overlays work to make event planning that much easier since they are so easy to use. Some tables have a lot of space to fill. Instead of crowding the space up to the nines with an overabundance of candles or flowers, layering with linens helps to fill out your tables, allowing you to decorate as much or as little as you'd like.
There is a definite trending shift towards adding drama to tabletops via table linens. Using linens to make a statement is easy with wholesale overlays from CV Linens. Our elegant and always affordable dusty rose linen overlays are perfect for weddings, birthdays, showers, quinceaneras, corporate dinners, and any event where you want to make a statement of style. Linens play an essential role in the event industry and instantly establish the scene and theme of your event. With fashion-forward linen hues that offer texture and vibrancy, you can create the wedding or event of your dreams without breaking the bank. Employ the power of table overlays to bring a contrasting or complementary color to your tablecloth and napkin selections and watch the decor magic unfold!

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