Economy Polyester Tablecloth 60"x120" Rectangular

Economy Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth: Your Go-To ‘Budget-Friendly’ Option! 

We at CV Linens offer the best-in-class economy polyester tablecloth in rectangular shape for an ideal fit in any event. 

Our 60"x120" rectangular tablecloth is the perfect budget-friendly option you’ve been looking for. Compared to our primary polyester round tablecloth collection, the economy polyester ones are more simplistic and affordable. 

They work well for sporadic use, one-time occasions, or informal gatherings. Need to stay within an event's budget? Our rectangular tablecloth made of economy polyester is just for you. Although cheap, this tablecloth gives a sense of minimalism to your event decor. 

Delve Into The Various Shades of Our Economy Polyester Tablecloth

At our core, we understand the uniqueness of each decor and individual preferences. Embracing diversity, our economy polyester tablecloths offer a vast array of colors to suit every taste. Our popular variants include red, green, burgundy, purple, blue, orange etc.

We have an extensive and organized collection of the best economy polyester tablecloths in various colors and shades. 

  • Lavender: Make your event more serene and tranquil with the lavender economy polyester tablecloth. These are best for corporate events or conferences. 
  • White & Blue: Be it a traditional event, festive occasion, or a basic meet-up event, blue and white tablecloths can never go wrong with other decors. 
  • Green & Purple: Purple and green are the best tablecloth colors for anything vibrant, playful,  radiant, and elegant. 

Other Event Linens Products

Embarking on a new home project or seeking a complete table decor solution? Look no further! In addition to our stunning tablecloths, our curated collection encompasses an array of products to transform your interior dreams into reality.

Give them a look and explore why they are a better alternative to these cheap polyester tablecloths! 

Browse our exclusive selection or reach out to us now, and let our professional staff help you create the home you've always envisioned. Your dream space awaits!

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