Emerald Green Drapes

Are you looking to enhance the decor for any celebration effortlessly? Drapes can do that for you. If you want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your event, our emerald green drapes are a must have. You can find emerald green sequin linens, spandex drapes, velvet backdrops, or other emerald decorat CV Linens. 

Why Use Drapes In Events 

Venues can look drastically different once you set up drapes. They are more than decorative elements because they can provide the following benefits: 

  • Create A Backdrop

Backdrop drape designs give venues a softer look and serve as the focal point for the flowers, lighting, or greenery decor. They change how the venues look and convey a message instead of relying only on the area’s existing wall and wall paint.

  • Outdoor Draping Ideas 

They also enhance outdoor venues like wedding tents or gazebos by hiding poles and other event equipment. If your indoor venue has unsightly spots that you want to conceal, drapes can cover those up too. 

  • Space Dividers

Drapes are very practical to use. With the right combination of pipe and drape sets, you can use emerald green blackout curtains to optimize limited venue space. Just like how you buy wholesale tablecloths for sale to improve how guest, dessert and food tables look, drapes can be used to divide and enhance an event space into the main venue, cocktail hour space, and photobooth areas to name a few ideas.

  • Create An Intimate Atmosphere

Is the venue too large for the event you are planning? Make it look more intimate with drapes. VIP lounge areas made from a DIY wedding canopy makes large areas appear cozy and intimate once emerald green curtains are up. 

  • Versatile Uses

From weddings, to birthdays or trade shows, drapes are multi-functional. They can improve the aesthetic appeal of any event space, work as portable dividers, and help enhance the atmosphere. 

Why Choose Emerald Green Drapes

The emerald green color is often associated with new growth, beginnings, nature, or health. It is the perfect color to evoke a sense of clarity and calm, making it the ideal color for drapes on occasions that need these emotions.

Color psychology links harmony and balance to emerald green. You will not go wrong with green if you want to keep your guests relaxed.

If your clients want you to organize a marketing event, emerald green is perfect. The participants can associate the color green with “Go,” which is appropriate if your clients want people to take action. 

What Goes Well With Emerald Green Drapes

If drapes in emerald green are part of the event decor, you can use gold table runners or centerpieces with gold accents. This color combo works well for an elegant overall look. 

Champagne and emerald green are also popular wedding colors. Pairing warm tan overlays with emerald green linens create a complementary look.  Add champagne chair covers and gold sashes to balance out the green hue. 

If you are going for bold yet elegant interiors, how about some cool white tablecloths or flower backdrops against emerald green? It will give the venue a glam and fresh look. 

Silver also works well with emerald green. For instance, you can have the glitz sequin mesh net backdrop in emerald as the background for a table setting adorned with silver candelabras. It will create a sophisticated, cool palette. 

If your event space or wedding venue require flame retardant drapes, you can use our compatible emerald green sheer curtains. Available in many colors, you can find sheer drapes to coordinate with any emerald color scheme.

Emerald green is one of the emerging colors for wedding themes these days, especially for fall or winter weddings. Of course if you want an exciting tablescape for spring weddings, you can use it as an accent color and pair it with ruby red.

If you shop at CV Linens, you can find emerald green drapes in several materials. You can buy them in glitz sequin mesh net, sheer voile, velvet, spandex, leaf Payette, or accordion crinkle linens. If you need to buy emerald green accordion crinkle event linens, you can find them in different sizes, such as 10ft H x 60” W, 10ft H x 52” W, 12ft H x 60” W, 12ft H x 52” W, 14ft H x 52” W, and more. Browse through our online shop to complete your event supplies needs today.

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