French Toile Napkins

French Toile Napkins

Elevate your wedding or special event with our exquisite vintage French Toile Napkins for weddings and dinner parties. Featuring a vintage-inspired design, this decor piece brings a touch of old-world charm and romantic allure to your table setting. 

The intricate vintage French Toile Napkin pattern showcases a sophisticated vibe. Crafted with attention to detail and made from high-quality materials, these napkins promise enduring style and a lasting impression on your guests.

French Toile Linens 101

New to the world of French Toile Linens? Here are the basics of this decor piece you don’t want to miss.

What is a French Toile?

It is a type of fabric traditionally printed with pastoral, scenic, or narrative designs. The word "toile" itself means cloth or canvas in French.

What is the French floral pattern called?

The floral pattern is commonly associated with Toile de Jouy, a specific type of toile fabric known for its intricate and detailed scenic designs, often featuring pastoral or floral elements.

Why is it called Toile de Jouy?

Toile de Jouy is named after the town of Jouy-en-Josas near Versailles, France, where this distinctive fabric style originated in the 18th century. "Toile" in French means cloth, and Jouy refers to the town where it gained popularity.

Where to Buy These Napkins

Discover unparalleled trustworthiness at CV Linens for your French Toile Napkins for weddings and other event linen needs. With competitive pricing, we make luxury accessible, allowing you to enhance your events without breaking the bank. 

Shop French Toile Napkins in bulk and get major discounts with our wholesale prices. Add to your cart now and get free shipping when you order above $99. 

Experience exceptional customer service at every step, as we strive to make your shopping journey as delightful as the events you're planning. Trust CV Linens for top-notch quality, affordability, and outstanding service in fulfilling your French Toile Napkin dreams.

Blue Toile Paper Napkins: A Versatile Piece for Stylish Events 

Elevate your tablescape with some luxe blue toile paper napkins. The calm blue tone paired with the pattern of our toile napkins works well with a variety of design themes. Add a touch of color and detail to your tablescape with this luxe decor piece. 

French Toile Event Linens

Complement these napkins with a host of other table linen options from our French Toile Event Linens. Featuring picturesque pastoral scenes and intricate motifs, these linens serve as an ideal canvas to enhance the atmosphere of any event. 

Accent your tablescape with some sophisticated table runners. Perhaps top off your tablescape with some French Toile Charger Plates for a dash of detail for your tableware.

Infuse a timeless and enchanting ambiance for weddings, parties, or formal gatherings with French toile party decor.

Toile Tablecloths

Complement your table napkins with some French Toile Tablecloths. Set the tone of your party with the soft sophistication of this design piece. 

CV Linens offers round tablecloths in 120” and 180” for more intimate parties. For large banquets, you can opt for rectangular tablecloths in 90”x132” and 60”x120”. 

Planning for events and weddings? Save more by buying in bulk. Order your French Toile Napkins wholesale and get major savings with our wholesale prices. 

Get top-quality party linens at super affordable prices with CV Linens. Enjoy hassle-free shopping for top-of-the-line party linens and create golden memories to last a lifetime.

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