Glitz Sequin Table Runner

Dazzle your guests with a glamorous table side view. A glitz sequin table runner is a posh accent that every table ensemble deserves. Upscale and lavish, our sequin runners will adorn your linens with a champagne style you can call your own. Shimmering mini sequins brilliantly add a subtle shine and an extravagant sparkle to your celebration.

Each glitz table runner holds durable and high-quality sequins that are expertly overlapped along a solid taffeta backing. This ensures there are no visible spaces giving it a full and luxurious layout. Our sequin runners are 108” in length providing ample coverage for round, square or rectangular shaped tables. You will have a spectrum of colors to choose from allowing brides and hosts to customize their design.

Table runners should accentuate accompanying linens while complementing centerpieces and surrounding décor. If your tablecloth is white, ivory or black, any color sequin runner will work beautifully. When pairing a runner with a specific tone or hue, be sure to collaborate your choice to harmoniously showcase your event colors. They can match the room perfectly or be just the right color contrast you were looking for adding depth and sophistication to the set.

Glitz sequin table runners can be used in both formal occasions and casual affairs. Reception halls, outdoor venues and home settings all inspire an opportunity to add a touch of glitz and glam to the room. Having a glitz style can be added to any theme or motif. Each runner can be dressed up or down making them a great focal point or accenting accessory.

The sequins on our table runners will captivate the lighting throughout the event such as candlelight and overhead chandeliers. This added element is elegantly stated with a glowing elaboration of your space. Adding a glitz runner to your theme will contribute a glimmering twinkle to the ambiance of any table design. We have made it easy to shop for a glitz and glamour theme for your special day. Our glitz sequin line is complete with an array of functional and decorative details. We have everything you need to sparkle and style your event into a magical memory.

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