Gold Chair Covers

If you want to upgrade your chairs for an event that requires a tinge of gold or yellow, we have a huge collection of Gold Chair Covers. We have covers with sequins, metallic gold, shimmer tinsel, self-tied, and taffeta, among others. If you shop for banquet chair covers at CV Linens, you will have several options. There are also a few critical reasons why you should buy our chair covers. 

Why Use Gold Chair Covers

Decorating a venue for whatever occasion is a challenge, but it helps if you have access to the right party supplies, such as chair covers. Our customers keep coming back for these reasons:

  • Flexible Enough To Make Chairs Look Polished

We have many spandex options if you envision fitted chair covers on event seats. The spandex material hugs the full shape of the chairs, giving them a polished and neat look. It is perfect for formal occasions.

  • Fit For Any Occasion 

We have plenty of choices if you are looking for Gold Chair Covers for weddings, corporate gatherings, birthdays, or any occasion. Glitzy events may call for something like the gold Payette sequin Chiavari chair cover or the gold shimmer tinsel folding spandex one. Events that require something bright to complement deep-tone and warm neutrals like chocolate brown, charcoal, or beige may need our spandex chair covers in metallic gold.

  • Wide Range Of Options 

If the theme of the event calls for gold, we have different shades of gold. You can find the usual gold shade, metallic gold, bright gold, a mix of gold and ivory, and rose gold. 

We also offer our chair covers in different styles. You can find fitted covers, curly willow covers, plain fabric, self-tie covers, slip covers, and sequined types. 

You can find chairs in various designs to fit different types of chairs. We have covers for banquet chairs, Chiavari seats, folding types, and universal ones. 

  • More Savings From Gold Chair Covers At Wholesale Prices 

If you order from CV Linens, you can enjoy chair slip-on and covers at wholesale prices. You can hold a grand party without spending too much. If you buy at least $99 worth of items, you can enjoy nationwide free shipping and save more. 

Choosing The Right Gold Chair Covers

Is this your first time using covers for your event chairs? Here are some tips: 

  • You can use any of CV Linens’ standard banquet chair covers if you have banquet chairs. Our universal self-tie covers are also great alternatives. Both options are usually available in satin, Lamour satin, spandex, and taffeta. 
  • If you have folding chairs, we have spandex or polyester covers. If you use Lifetime folding chairs, you should only buy Lifetime-specific covers because these units have a distinct bulky shape than other event chairs. 
  • We have universal and banquet chair cover options for Chiavari chairs to cover the entire seat. But you can also choose to cover just the back alone, in which case you will need full-back covers. You can chop these in glitz sequin, curly willow, vintage veil, and sparkle glitz.

Breathe new life into your event chairs that may have shown signs of wear and tear over the years. Extend their life and use with the help of our Gold Chair Covers. Depending on your event needs, buy blush rose gold chair covers or sequined ones. Browse through our products now!

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