Gold Curtain Drapes

Gold Curtain Drapes 

CV Linens™ offers a collection of Gold Curtain Drapes that are not only for aesthetic value but for functionality and practicality as well. They are available in many materials and sizes to accommodate different styling needs.

The sizes include 10ft H x 52" W, 12ft x 52" W, 8ft H x 52" W, and 14ft H x 118" W. They provide sufficient wall coverings and can meet your design vision.

Benefits of Gold Color 

Gold color has various benefits, which makes it one of the popular colors in various kinds of events.

1. Classic Elegance

Gold evokes timelessness and luxury. This makes it ideal for formal events such as galas and corporate gatherings.

2. Adaptability

The gold color can seamlessly blend with several color palettes and themes from chic to traditional or contemporary.

3. Glam and warmth

The tone of gold exudes a welcoming and glamorous vibe, which elevates the overall ambiance of any space. 

Materials of Gold Drapes 

Our Gold Curtain Drapes are available in different materials; 

Glitz Sequin Mesh Net Drape – Sparkly and shiny, this material is perfect for glam events. Its mesh net also provides adaptability with event styles and hassle-free draping. 

Large Payette Sequin Drape

The large sequins exude a captivating impact and deliver a bold statement. 

Square Payette Sequin

The square sequins bring a stunning geometric sparkle, which brings texture and dimension to the decorations.

Accordion Crinkle Taffeta

The depth and elegance of the event decors are amplified by the crinkle texture of this material. Moreover, a subtle sheen is provided by the taffeta. 


Craft a cozy vibe in your events with the lush and plush texture of velvet. This material absorbs light best so glare is reduced.

Sheer Voile Flame Retardant

Create a soft and sophisticated appearance at your event with the lightweight and airy sheer voile flame retardant material. Also, since this is flame-retardant, safety is further ensured. 

Crinkle Shimmer

Sparkle and a touch of refinement are blended into this material. 

Styling Tips for Gold Curtain Drapes

1. Consider mixing velvet and sequin panels for a lush and layered backdrop appearance.

2. Highlight the reflective properties of gold and amplify the depth and drama it brings by using uplights or spotlights.

3. Create a luxurious look by matching gold drapes with deep jewel shades such as sapphire or emerald. Meanwhile, for a classic setup, you can opt for neutral tones.

4. Amplify the overall aesthetic of your occasion when you combine gold drapes in themes like vintage, royalty, or Hollywood.

5. Enhance the visual impact of the gold drapes with accessories like floral, crystal chandeliers, or LED fairy lights. 

Care and Maintenance Tips for Gold Drapes 

You can preserve the beauty and functionality of your gold drapes by following these care and maintenance tips:

1. Make sure to check the care label of the item. Gentle hand wash or professional cleaning may be applicable to sequin and shimmer fabrics.

2. Store the drapes properly in a cool, dry place. Protect delicate items like sequins and velvet from dust, dirt, and any potential damage by utilizing garment bags.

3. Avoid snagging or tearing by carefully handling the drapes. Do not drag them on the ground when you set them up or when you take them down.

4. Ensure that the drapes are all neat, clean, and fine-looking before you use them at events. Remove the wrinkles and creases with a steamer. Do not apply direct heat on sequins or delicate fabrics to keep the sequins in shape and their colors in the best condition. 

Why Buy Curtain Drapes from CV Linens™?

The Gold Curtain Drapes by CV Linens™ are a versatile and captivating addition to any event. You can be sure that they are of high quality, which makes them a good investment for multiple events. Not only that, we offer our gold drapes in various sizes and materials, so you can surely find one that will best complement your event style.

CV Linens™ is a trusted brand for event linens and party accessories. We are your one-stop shop for all your event needs. Our comprehensive range of table linens and decors will help you craft amazing events that will always be remembered.

Our competitive pricing does not compromise the high quality of our products. With us, you have access to cost-effective options. Plus, you can avail of our discounts for bulk purchases and wholesale orders.

You can get free shipping for your orders of $99 or more. Moreover, we have an excellent team of customer service who will be glad to provide the assistance you need starting from product selection, and order process, up to any after-sales inquiries that may have.

Let’s help you craft beautiful events today. Get in touch with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What color goes with gold curtains?

There are several colors that you can use with gold curtains. You can opt for white walls or furniture for a neat contradiction. It will also highlight the brightness of gold. Navy blue is another great choice if you prefer some vibe of royalty. If you want a touch of opulence, think emerald green. Blush pink is also a nice choice for a romantic and harmonious vibe.

The other colors you can consider beautifully pairing with gold are black, teal, beige, burgundy, or ivory.

Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

This will depend on the ambiance that you want to create in your event space. Lighter or darker curtains have their benefits and impact.

For instance, if curtains are lighter than walls, the space will appear larger and more open. This will result in an event atmosphere that is bright and airy. Lighter curtains can also give a subtle contrast without being too dominating. You can also let the color of your wall stand out if you go for lighter drapes. Lastly, light-color curtains provide more flexibility with various decorations and color schemes.

On the other hand, if your curtains are darker than the walls, the touch of drama and depth is amplified. This will result in a more intimate atmosphere. Curtains in dark colors also make for a bold statement. They set a stunning complementary contradiction, which increases visual impact.

Should your drapes match your walls?

There is no strict rule on having the drapes match the walls. It will create cohesion and harmony, but your creativity can explore many styling options.

There are several instances in which you can match the drapes to walls. First, if you want to make your event space feel bigger and more consistent, do the matching to offer eyesight breaks. Matching colors also allow for a sleek overall look, making it perfect for minimalism or contemporary aesthetic. Also, when there is a blending of drape and wall colors, you can highlight certain furniture or art pieces. Moreover, a single color for drapes and walls evokes a soothing and serene ambiance, which is ideal for any laid-back event.

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