Green Velvet Napkins

Napkins are an integral part of a well-balanced tablescape, especially whenever meals are to be served. Our Velvet Linen Napkin brings a touchable softness to each place setting, adding as much visual depth as stylish practicality. Velvet has a charismatic appeal that easily spices up your reception tables or catering trays. 

While velvet napkins are an obvious choice for holiday and New Year's Eve parties, these posh linen dinner napkins serve as an excellent finishing touch to any sophisticated birthday party, wedding, anniversary, or shower decor. 

This wholesale cloth napkin is an affordable way to score cheap linen napkins without sacrificing quality. Green velvet napkins are ideally suited for event planners, caterers, and home hostesses.

Why Choose Our Velvet Green Napkins?

Our velvet linen napkin brings an elegant and classy aesthetic to any festivity. By accenting your guests' place settings with our hemmed dinner napkins, you can extend the color and theme of your event to each table and place setting. 

Velvet green napkins are highly on-trend and more beloved than ever. Sought for its lush texture, subtle sheen, and decadent dimension, velvet has moved beyond wearable fashion and home furnishings to grace a luxe tabletop for a look that can be styled with a modern or even rustic touch.

Green fabric napkins are brand-new pieces made from velvet material with a fabric weight of approximately 190-200 GSM. The item's color is green and has different shades, and the quantity available is one piece. 

The dimensions of the piece are about 20"x20" square. The edges are finished with an overlock serger, providing a neat and secure finish. This is a high-quality and versatile item that could be used for various purposes.

Styling With Green Velvet Napkins

Any table setting can benefit from the elegance and beauty of green velvet napkins. The neutral colors of white or beige tablecloths and silverware match well with green velvet napkins and fold it with napkin rings.

This makes the napkins to stand out and appear as the table's main attraction. Pair green velvet napkins with gold or silver decorations to add glamor to the table. 

The complementing color, blush pink, navy blue, or sage green linen, works well with green velvet or green linen napkins. This can give the table a unified and stylish appearance. 

If you want a monochromatic look or style, pair the green velvet napkins with plates, glassware, and floral centerpieces. 

The table's overall look can also be changed by how you fold your green table napkins. Consider trying various folding techniques, such as basic rectangular or more intricate folds.

Buy It From CV Linens!

Any dining table may look more upscale and elegant by using green velvet napkins as decor. You can create a lovely and cohesive design for every occasion by matching with neutral table settings, using natural materials, and experimenting with folding methods.

Our selection of green velvet napkins includes a wide variety of styles, and different colors of green to choose from. We have classic options such as our standard linen napkins, as well as more unique styles such as our dusty blue linen napkins and sage green table runner.

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