Need a place to hang your sashes, runners, or other linens while you finish party prepping? Our wholesale metal hangers can help with that! Durable and clean-lined, our metal hangers offer ample room to accommodate your special event linens, keeping them up and off the floor while working on your party setup. Folded linens or those left to sit on dirty chairs or boxes can cause unseemly results and could require additional cleaning or ironing. With our metal event hangers, you can store your linens without worry.

Plastic hangers bend and sag after time, but metal hangers keep their form use after use. They are durable even when dropped on the floor, and create a cohesive look on your hanging racks. Not simply for table linens, our metal hangers can also accommodate your special event wear, from wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses to sweet 16 dresses and so much more. When you want a professional look with guaranteed results, our wholesale metal hangers do the job in style!

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