Lace Table Overlay Toppers

Introducing Lace Overlays

Lace table overlays are a classic way to add elegance and charm to any table setting. These overlays serve as a delicate topper for solid-colored tablecloths, offering a layered look that is both traditional and chic.

Why CV Linens for Lace?

Our commitment at CV Linens to providing quality lace table overlays is unmatched. With a blend of competitive prices, reliable service, and high-quality offerings, we ensure that every purchase perfectly meets your event planning needs.

The Allure of Lace

  • Intricate Patterns: Each overlay features delicate lacework to complement your event's theme.
  • Versatile Styling: Lace suits vintage themes, romantic weddings, and upscale dinner parties.
  • Lightweight and Durable: These overlays are made with care to be both lightweight for easy handling and durable for repeated use.

Lace in All Its Glory

  • Suitable Sizes: Our lace overlays fit most standard table sizes.
  • Palette of Classics: Available in Gold, Silver, White, and Ivory to enhance your color scheme.

Value in Every Detail

  • Bulk Availability: For large-scale events, benefit from our extensive stock and wholesale pricing.
  • Affordable Elegance: Enjoy the luxurious look of lace without straining your budget.
  • Consistent Quality: We ensure every lace overlay is made to meet high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can lace overlays be washed? 

Yes, they can be washed gently to preserve the fabric’s integrity.

Do you offer lace overlays in different shapes?

Our collection primarily includes square and rectangle overlays, adaptable to most table configurations.

What makes lace a good choice for event decor?

Lace adds a layer of texture and romance, instantly upgrading your event’s visual appeal.

Complementary Products

Accentuate lace overlays with items from our Crystal Line for a dash of sparkle, pair with Black Linen Napkins for a dramatic contrast, or lay atop our White Tablecloth Linens for a traditional setting.

With CV Linens, every detail of your event’s design is considered, ensuring that the result is as picturesque as it is memorable.

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