LIFETIME folding chair Cover

Do you want to create a coordinating special event design, from the tables and backdrops to the chairs? You can buy Lifetime Folding Chair Covers Wholesale to decorate Lifetime chairs to match the event linens in style. These affordable chair covers quickly spruce the appearance of plastic lifetime chairs, make them look new at an affordable price, and keep them clean. You can get the party look you want without breaking the bank if you use CV Linens chair covers available in various colors, in just the right size, and in easy-to-clean polyester fabric.

What are the typical measurements of Lifetime Chair Covers?

There are different sizes of Lifetime folding chairs. Consider the size of the chairs you plan to use for your event before choosing the Lifetime chair covers. It is the same thing with selecting a cocktail tablecloth, where you must measure the sizes of the tables you’re using first.

The commercial Lifetime classic folding chairs, the one that is colored white with a gray frame, have more of a square style. Their dimensions are 20” D x 18” W x 34” H. These are pretty popular for their tall back, wide seat, all-weather finish, and low-maintenance appearance.

From top to bottom, these Lifetime folding chairs are 34.5” long. The back of the chairs are 18” wide at the top and 17” tall, while the seat is 16” wide and 17” in length. The leg or the size from the ground to the seat is 18” tall. When opened, it is 19” on the side and 18.5” on the front. 

We make perfectly fitted covers for Lifetime Foldable Chairs. We have them in solid white, ivory, and black colors. They are available in polyester fabric, one of the easiest materials to clean. They are also resistant to wrinkles and stains, making them the best choice for value-conscious customers like you.

The last thing you need during your event is to have ill-fitting chair covers that will ruin the look of the entire event. It won’t happen if you get CV Linens chair covers. You can use them for birthday parties, weddings, dinner parties, and other events. Even if you have several events in a row, you can easily machine wash and dry our polyester chair covers without a hitch.

Why invest in Lifetime Folding Chair Covers?

There are rental chair covers you can find, but it would be more practical and affordable to buy Lifetime Folding Chair Covers Wholesale for the following reasons:

They are durable.

Polyester is a sturdy material you can wash, dry, steam, iron, and use many times without requiring special care. You don’t need to rent chair covers every time you have an event. Polyester does not easily stretch, tear, or pill like cotton and other fibers.

They are easy to use.

Our polyester chair covers are easy to slip on your Lifetime Folding Chairs. They are equally easy to remove after the event, too. If you have a highly packed schedule of events to organize, it makes our chair covers the best option for you.

They give chairs a complete makeover.

Putting our CV Linens chair covers over your Lifetime chairs can make any event look more attractive. Lifetime chairs are functional and durable, but their bare look might not be suitable for all types of events. You can use our chair covers to create a more uniform look, cover up the chairs’ signs of wear and tear, and give them a makeover without spending too much. It is more than possible to hold a sophisticated and stylish event without bringing in expensive chairs as long as you have our ready-made chair covers.

They are practical to use.

Do you have the budget to buy new seats to match the different themes of different events? It does not make sense to purchase new sets of chairs to match the look of an event when you can easily change the seat covers for your Lifetime chairs as needed. Choosing the right chair cover can give you a suitable seating arrangement and overall look for any event you will organize in the future.

How should you choose chair covers for any event?

Size is a huge factor to consider. If you have Lifetime Folding Chairs, CV Linens have the right size pegged and used as a standard in making our chair covers. You don’t have to worry about sagging covers at the bottom or ones that are too tight you can barely fit them or get them off the chairs. There is no need to concern yourself over purchasing the wrong size for your chair covers. You can check our product description page to see the exact measurements of the Lifetime Folding Chairs we used as a model in creating our chair covers.

Another factor to think about is the material. CV Linens use polyester to produce stain- and wrinkle-resistant chair covers that are durable, machine-washable, and low-maintenance. Their polyester material makes our seat covers perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, and other outdoor events.

Colors should be considered to match them with the theme. But if you want the more classic options, we have black and white chair covers. These colors match almost any theme. Spice them up with chair sashes, hoods, clips, and other accessories. 

Why buy Lifetime Folding Chair Covers wholesale?

Chair covers can be costly, but you can save money if you buy them wholesale. You need to buy them in bulk, especially if you cater to many big events. We understand your needs so we provide our chair covers at wholesale prices.

Did you consider renting them? It is not financially efficient to keep renting chair covers only to get poorly maintained and improperly washed options. These can bring the quality of the look for your events, unlike having your own set of Lifetime chair covers and caring for them to ensure they last long.

CV Linens Lifetime Folding Chair Covers are practical to invest in and use for a long time in different events. They are available in specific dimensions, just like how there is a 60 x 120 tablecloth for sale, made in durable and low-maintenance polyester, effective in giving chairs a makeover, and sold wholesale. If you want value for your money, shop for Lifetime chair covers at CV Linens today!

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