Mermaid Scale Sequin Wall Panel Backdrops (24 panels)

Backdrops can be an excellent addition to any event, providing an eye-catching and visually appealing background that adds to the overall ambiance. Mermaid Scale Sequin Wall Panel Backdrops are particularly popular because of their distinctive and captivating appearance. These backdrops feature stunning sequins arranged in a mermaid scale pattern, which catches the light beautifully and creates a shimmering effect. 

These backdrops are perfect for adding a touch of glitz and sophistication to weddings, birthday parties, galas, and other special occasions. They serve as a beautiful and eye-catching backdrop for photos, adding an extra element of magic and beauty to any event. The mermaid scale backdrop can easily transform a plain or dull space into a stunning and memorable setting that guests will remember.

Mermaid Scale Backdrop

Add personality to your event décor with mermaid scale backdrops! The CV Linens Mermaid Scale Sequin Wall Panel Backdrop has 24 scale-like sequin panels, just the right width for your draping needs.

This collection comes in Turquoise, White, Ivory, and in Blush/ Rose Gold, perfect not only for your under the sea-themed celebrations, but to glam weddings and birthday parties where you need that extra shimmer with sequin patterns and layers.

The mermaid scale backdrop comes in 8ft H x 52” W and 10ft H x 52” W so you have an option for floor to ceiling draping, especially for high-ceiling venues. Learn how to create stunning double draping backdrops using mermaid scale backdrops as base and a lighter fabric such as chiffon for the upper layer. 

Decorate with Sequin Wall Panels

CV Linens offer a wide collection of sequin wall panels, from the classic glitz sequin to the party-stunner payette glitz sequin, to the modern and stylish mermaid sequin backdrop and the spangle shimmer sequin wall backdrop.

With a wide variety of backdrop panels to choose from, you can never go wrong with CV Linens! Apart from our eye-catching sequin collection, you may choose from different lightweight and heavyweight fabrics for your backdrops. Order a multitude of colors and designs from our collection, or build your event decor business with some basic fabrics and decor equipment. 

Another backdrop decor staple are faux florals! Create a lovely springtime vibe anytime of the year with theme CV Linens silk flower wall backdrop! Choose from colored silk roses/ hydrangeas embedded in sturdy faux turf or leaves. These panels are easy to install and connect with one another. You may also opt for loose stems and bunches to create your own flower wall backdrop! 

Mix and match backdrop styles to suit your theme! Adding floral details to your mermaid scale backdrop? Why not! With a little creativity and CV Linens party essentials, your event can go from basic to glam! 

Shop Your Panel Backdrop Needs with CV Linens

Shop your panel backdrop needs with us! Get your draping essentials such as these uprights crossbars bases, along with valance hangers and wedding arches to complete your decor needs! Order wholesale event draping & backdrops now and enjoy deals and discounts with us! 

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