Mint Green Tablecloths


Are you organizing a spring or summer event, an outdoor garden party, or a tropical-themed gathering? A mint green tablecloth is perfect for these events, thanks to its color’s refreshing and inviting appeal. CV Linens has bulk tablecloths in various sizes, shapes, materials, and designs for all your mint green table coverings needs. 

How To Choose Tablecloths For Specific Events 

When planning a special event, it is important to consider the client’s preferred color scheme, party theme, level of formality, venue, and season. 

Lace or satin tablecloths are timeless wedding linens. Outdoor weddings usually call for shorter tablecloths with light fabrics, while formal indoor ones may need floor-length options in intricate lace. 

Corporate events usually need a more formal look, such as tablecloths in solid colors that look sophisticated and work with the company’s brand colors. Polyester tablecloths are often used in these events. CV Linens carries them in 90”, 108”, 120” and 132” round sizes and rectangle shapes in 60” x 120”, 90” x 132”, and 90” x 156”.

Birthdays often call for tablecloths in vibrant colors and playful materials, such as rosette or sequins. Consider the party’s theme and how formal it is when choosing birthday table linens.

Tablecloths should match the season, too. Add warmth to winter and fall events with a velvet tablecloth or other heavy fabrics in richer and darker hues. In contrast, use light linens for summer and spring events such as polyester or cotton tablecloths in brighter colors. 

Why Use A Mint Green Tablecloth 

Here are the top reasons why you should buy a mint green linen tablecloth from CV Linens: 

  • It’s refreshing 

Like other pastel colors, mint green easily reminds people of nature and spring, making it look refreshing. It can give a venue’s atmosphere a sense of serenity and calmness while looking elegant. 

  • It adds a modern and fresh vibe

Mint green is a trendy color that will match any contemporary decor. You can use a mint green fabric tablecloth for events with young audiences or if you want to add a youthful and modern look. 

  • It’s versatile 

Mint green’s unique shade matches with all pastel shades. Match it with baby blue, light pink, and lavender for Easter table decor. Create an elegant minty baby shower with gold and white accents. Complete the look with gold dinnerware, white table napkins, and white faux flowers as centerpieces. 

  • It is calming and soothing 

The color mint green is linked to tranquility, giving people exposed to it a calming effect. Lighter shades of green also represent harmony which makes it ideal for bridal showers.

  • An eye-catching shade of green

Incorporating mint green into your event decor can help create a beautiful and cohesive look that leaves a lasting impression on your party guests.

  • It will save you money

We sell our items at wholesale prices and even provide discounts if you buy them in bulk. Order at least $99 worth of tablecloths and other event supplies here at CV Linens to enjoy free delivery anywhere in the US. 

How to use mint green tablecloth with other linens and decors 

Create a cohesive look for any event using mint green tablecloths and complementary decor and linens. Here are some mint decor tips: 

  • Use a silver or gold candelabra to hold taper candles. Their metallic hues are an excellent contrast against mint green and add a sophisticated effect. Try CV Linens’ 48” tall 10-arm candle holder candelabra in gold for added height and dimension. 
  • Create contrast with an ivory or white backdrop design against your mint green table linens. 
  • Complement your mint green satin tablecloth with pastel-colored faux flowers. They could be white, ivory, or blush pink. Make these muted flowers stand out more in silver or gold vases. Add greenery or  eucalyptus garlands to bring some natural beauty to your table. CV Linens sells 6-feet long garlands with silver dollar eucalyptus, Italian ruscus and willow artificial greenery.
  • Use accents in silver or gold. These could be silver napkin rings, gold flatware, and gold or silver chargers. CV Linens carries these, along with white chair covers and gold napkins, complementing mint green tablecloths. 

There are endless linens, decor and color combinations for a mint green tablecloth. At CV Linens you can find them here at CV Linens in polyester, satin, taffeta, accordion crinkle, Payette sequin, Lamour satin, petal circle taffeta, and more. Shop for affordable tablecloths, backdrops, table runners, other table linens, and decors at CV Linens today.

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