Payette Sequin Round Tablecloths

Trendy payette sequins are an elite style for the tables as at your special event, they are vibrant and dazzling for any setting you wish to create. The allure in our payette sequin round tablecloths is in their stunning reflections of color and design. At CV Linens our 120” and 132” payette Sequin tablecloths feature sequins that are 3/4” or 18mm in size offering an impressive look to the room. The larger scale sequins take the lighting in the space to inspire an impressive display of infused tones. Mesh backing is crafted in the same color of your payette sequins to give a consistent spectrum and pattern. Clear threading completes the tablecloth with a flawless finish for the space.

Using the fashionably mod aspects of payette for tables is an element that adds an instant depth to your scheme. With a designer eye in mind, your tabletops will be a high fashioned transformation. Brides to be and event planners alike will love the wow factor these sequined linens provide. Turning an everyday table into an expression of luxury is simple when you instill the lavish touches of payette sequins. When you compare the dynamics of our payette tablecloths to other sequin options like our Glitz Sequin linens, there are a few differences that you will find. Our payette collection in particular provides a dimensional touch to the tablescape as the payettes are not sewn onto the mesh in a flat pattern allowing the sequins to have movement. They are also expertly placed allowing them to be reflective from differing angles while providing coverage to the mesh backing.

Using our payette sequin design reaches beyond the typical round table cover. Pairing payette overlays, runners and rectangular sizes will provide a couture continuity to your motif for the day. Infuse a sprinkle of sequin onto your lamour or satin tablecloths with the help of our payette overlays. Adding the elegance of payette sequin drapes can be the very detail that brings your style into view. Backdrops and room surrounds will sparkle and dazzle each guest that joins your celebration. Event planners often mix and match the array of sequined splendor to turn an ordinary room into a gala event.

Our selection of payette linens include eye catching hues that can prism surrounding light into a brilliant style. Choose from classic black, beautiful blush rose gold, elegant champagne, glamorous gold or striking silver table sequins. For truly eye-catching event decor, use our charismatic Iridescent white Payette linens that offer a gorgeous mix of prism and pearl coloring. Feel free to incorporate one or more tones into your palette for a spectacular sense of the space.

Luminous and fashionably finessed, your wedding reception, birthday party, bridal shower and special event celebrations will truly sparkle with the use of CV Linens Payette Sequin round tablecloths. Shop the rest of our large selection of payette linens including tablecloths, chiavari covers, runners and more and fall in love with the stylish presentation you will create for all of your tablescapes!
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