Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths

Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths

Go for extraordinary rectangular linens with CV Linens™’ collection of Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths. We have various Pintuck rectangle tablecloth selections that will make a difference in your event table rows.

What Is Pintuck?

Pintuck is a technique of decorative sewing used to create designs in fabrics. This approach involves creating narrow, parallel folds in the fabric. From there, it is thoroughly stitched in order to create a raised pattern. This will result in an elegant fabric texture that adds visual interest and dimension. 

The detailing of Pintuck goes beyond table linens and cloth napkins. It can also be seen on clothing, curtains, and bedding. Pintuck is widely appreciated for its aesthetic impact on any material and space.

60"x126" Rectangular Pintuck Tablecloths

One of the event planners’ staples is our Pintuck 60"x126" Rectangular Tablecloths. Made from premium Pintuck fabric, these tablecloths embody sophistication with their unique texture. Its size of 60”x126” provides full coverage for standard banquet tables and it is further enhanced by its rectangular shape. 

With these tablecloths’ adaptability to various occasions like weddings and corporate events, they can enhance the polished look of your event tables. Pintuck tablecloths are, indeed, a durable and practical option. 

90"x156" Rectangular Tablecloths

Seamlessly bring style and practicality into events with our Pintuck 90”x156” Rectangular Tablecloths. Pintuck will surely elevate the elegance of any event because of its premium material. Not only that, it can also withstand wrinkles and stains. 

The 90”x156” size gives sufficient coverage for large banquet tables, which lends a consistent overall look. And since this is a rectangular table linen, it can effortlessly match with several table setups. This Pintuck tablecloth is ideal for use on weddings, banquets, and formal dinners.  

Accordion Crinkle Rectangular Tablecloths

Indulge your guests in modern aesthetics with our Accordion Crinkle Rectangular Tablecloths. This fabric is a stylish yet affordable option for event planners. The details of Pintuck are merged with the contemporary design of accordion crinkles. 

Accordion crinkle table linens are not only visually appealing but also wrinkle-resistant. With this, you can ensure neat and sleek tables throughout your occasion. The rectangular shape and edges lend a fully polished and refined look to every type of event. 

Black Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths 

A classic choice for event organizers and professionals, our Black Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths embody versatile elegance. With its color and material, this tablecloth is sure to bring depth and dimension to any occasion. 

Black is a classic color that screams formality and sophistication suitable for many themes and colors. You’re bound to glamorize any table arrangements when you use our black rectangular Pintuck tablecloths. They are perfect for formal events and weddings as well.

Buffalo Plaid Rectangular Tablecloths 

Combine rustic flair and classic elegance into your events with our Pintuck Buffalo Plaid Rectangular Tablecloths. These table linens feature classic patterns that elevate the character and warmth of any occasion. Plus, Pintuck is low maintenance, which secures a polished look of tables in an event’s duration. 

Buffalo plaid tablecloths are ideal for use at outdoor gatherings, dinners, and rustic weddings.

Checkered Rectangular Tablecloths

Merge classic style and modern sophistication with Checkered Rectangular Tablecloths. All our Pintuck rectangular tablecloths are made of high-quality materials so that you can be sure of their durability. Plus, the captivating checkered pattern is set to enhance the visual appeal of any event space.

The refined elegance and practical functionality that these tablecloths offer will surely glamorize your occasion. This tablecloth is highly recommended for upscale dinners, corporate events, and weddings.

Crushed Taffeta Rectangular Tablecloths

Made from premium crushed taffeta fabric, our Crushed Taffeta Rectangular Tablecloths give a stylish blend of class and texture. 

Crushed taffeta is soft and has a shimmering sheen that is also durable and wrinkle-resistant. When used on events, you can seamlessly craft a refined atmosphere that will surely leave your guests in awe. 

This rectangular table linen is ideal for galas, dinners, and weddings.

Damask Flocking Rectangular Tablecloths

The intricacy of patterns and texture of detailing in Damask Flocking Rectangular Tablecloths make it a luxurious choice for event organizers. Its damask flocking enhances a regal touch and visual appeal, which highlights its sense of opulence. The way this stunning tablecloth is crafted is sure to infuse a touch of elegance into any event.

Whatever the theme or color palette of your event, this damask flocking tablecloth is set to provide a beautiful difference. You can use this tablecloth on galas, formal dinners, and weddings, too.

Why Buy Rectangular Tablecloths from CV Linens?

The Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloths from CV Linens™ are bound to bring your events to new levels of beautiful occasions. They can embody stylish sophistication in any event.

 We take pride in providing high-quality products and our stunning collection of Pintuck rectangle tablecloth is no exception. You can surely count on its proven long-lasting performance and elegance.

 You can stay within your budget and still craft astounding events with our broad range of wholesale products not only tablecloths. These include chair covers, backdrops, table centerpieces, and a wide assortment of party supplies from balloons, greeneries, and many others. They are all available in various sizes, colors, shapes, and materials.

 You can surely find everything you need to create beautiful events with CV Linens™. We are your one-stop shop for all your event needs. Get in touch with us today and let’s help you level up your event styling. Shop above $99 for free shipping. 

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