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CV Linens™ Table Placemats

Turn your event tables from functional to exceptional with the collection of CV Linens™ Table Placemats. Our thoughtfully curated collection offers a variety of styles to enhance your event aesthetic and entire dining experience. 

What are Table Placemats? 

More than just a protective layer, Table Placemats are an essential decor piece that influences the overall look and feel of the tablescape. They are individual mats put on the dining table for every person; unlike a tablecloth that covers the entire surface of a table. 

Placemats come in various materials such as fabric, cork, or plastic depending on their intended purpose. They are also offered in different shapes and sizes. 

Table Placemats have various uses and benefits for events. Similar to tablecloths, placemats also protect tables from spills, stains, and heat damage from hot food. They also serve as a decorative piece because of its various colors, patterns, and designs.

Some placemats are made up of natural fibers and materials, which contributes to a great design and a pleasing experience for diners. With this, placemats of this kind can help create a more enjoyable dining experience for your guests.

Flower Shape Straw 15" Placemats 

These beautiful Flower Shape Straw Placemats let you bring a nature’s touch to your table arrangements. These handwoven placemats are crafted from high-quality straw. Their 15-inch diameter provides durability and style. Adding a unique touch to any event theme is their intricate flower design, which works best for a casual brunch, baby shower, or tea party.

 They also give heat protection for your table. Plus, they are easy to wipe clean for hassle-free cleaning post events.  

Acrylic Placemat 13" Round Gold 

Infuse a modern touch to your table setting with our 13-inch Acrylic Round Gold Placemat. Complementing various table setups, its smooth, reflective surface creates an elegant look and feel.

These gold placemats can boost the ambiance of upscale events, galas, or weddings. Your guests will surely be impressed with how they enhanced an event atmosphere. 

Our acrylic placemat is also easy and simple to clean, which is suitable for events that require quick post-dinner cleanup. 

Fringed Edge Woven 15" Placemats 

Our 4-piece Fringed Edge Woven Placemats feature a beautiful fringed edge, perfect for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their 15-inch diameter gives sufficient space for plates, utensils, and glasses. The textured weave, meanwhile, provides a touch of dimension to tables, making them suitable for casual gatherings, brunches, or outdoor dining. 

The fringed edge of this placemat makes it perfect for bohemian or rustic events. Moreover, this placemat also provides easy spot cleaning, which works well for everyday use. 

Boho Raffia Leaf Placemat 

Create a natural and bohemian aesthetic with our 2-piece set of Boho Raffia Leaf Placemat. This placemat brings a touch of organic texture to tables because they are made from sustainable raffia fibers. Its organic leaf shape makes it a perfect decor piece for eco-conscious events, weddings, or baby showers. Moreover, they provide heat protection for tables and they are also lightweight for easy storage purposes. 

Braided Raffia Straw 15" Placemats 

Our 4-piece Braided Raffia Straw Placemats lend a coastal charm to your table setting.  Its intricate braid patterns highlight a sense of texture and visual interest. The 15-inch diameter of this braided raffia placemat gives sufficient space for your dining needs. 

With their look and material, these placemats work best for a relaxed atmosphere, such as outdoor dining, beach-themed events, and patio gatherings. Moreover, the natural raffia straw provides heat protection and rustic elegance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between table mats and placemats? 

Oftentimes, the terms "table mat" and "placemat" are used interchangeably. But, there is a slight difference.  Any protective covering for a table can be called table mats, like large tablecloths. Placemats, meanwhile, are individual mats used for a single diner's table setup. 

What is the best type of placemat? 

The "best" placemat is dependent on your event theme and desired look. For a formal event, consider using acrylic or woven placemats. If you want a rustic vibe, opt for natural fiber options like straw or raffia.  Ultimately, the best type of placemat is the one that complements your entire tablescape. 

What is a substitute for placemats? 

There are many substitutes if you don't have placemats. These include large cloth napkins folded in half, decorative chargers, or even large decorative doilies.  The key is to go for something that protects the table surface and defines an individual dining space. 

Does anyone use placemats anymore? 

Yes, placemats are still widely used these days. Placemats are stylish and functional. They protect tables and add a design element to your tables. Event planners and home decorators can trust placemats to create captivating dining experiences.

How to set a table with a runner and placemats? 

Position the placemat lengthwise down the center of the table when using a table runner.  One per guest, evenly spaced placemats on either side of the runner. Center the plates on the placemats, followed by cutlery on either side. You can also place glasses atop a table runner, above the plate, or to its top right.

What shape of placemat works best for a round table? 

The ideal choice for round tables is round placemats. They visually complement the table shape and at the same time, create a cohesive overall look.  Square placemats can also work, however, they may leave some unused space at the table corners.

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