Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand and Covers

Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand and Covers

Create captivating event displays with our Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand and Covers collection. They are best used to create a focal point for different events, like corporate functions, birthday parties, and weddings.

Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand

This Rainbow Arch Backdrop Stand is carefully built with impressive sturdiness and stylish versatility. Crafted from quality metal, it secures a strong support for a variety of fabric materials and decorations to adorn the backdrop stand.

You can use the arch stand for indoor and outdoor occasions. Moreover, it is a practical and stylish solution for event professionals because it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The backdrop stand has multiple tiers that allow displays in intricate and layered approaches, which can be customized depending on the event theme and atmosphere. This rainbow backdrop stand is the ultimate canvas to bring your event vision to life, from a minimalist look to upscale decorations.

Our rainbow multi-tier arch stand has an overall dimension of around 93" H x 59" W. Its inner rainbow arch measures 74" H x 19" W, while the middle rainbow arch measures 84" H x 39.25" W.

Spandex Covers for Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Backdrop Stand

Though you can just simply adorn the rainbow backdrop stand with flowers or event linens, a spandex cover brings a whole new level of visual appearance and ambiance. It is offered in three pieces per set in various shades and hues, including pink, black, white, baby blue, champagne, canary yellow, royal blue, blush/rose gold, and more. It provides sufficient coverage of the backdrop stand.
You can easily set up and disassemble the backdrop stand, which makes it a hassle-free item for setting up events.

The covers are easy to install and remove, making them a convenient choice for quick event setups. Moreover, its range of colors provides endless possibilities for customization, ensuring that your backdrop stand matches the unique style and theme of your event.

Event Styling Tips

There are many ways to maximize the decorative purposes of the rainbow arch backdrop stand and its range of spandex covers. Below are some of the tips that you can follow: 

Consider using the champagne or blush/rose gold spandex covers for an ultimately romantic wedding decoration. On the top tiers, drape sheer white fabric with floral decor in coordinating colors. This will result in an ethereal wedding style, perfect for either the exchange of wedding vows or capturing lovely photos.

Meanwhile, for corporate gatherings, you can never go wrong in choosing a spandex cover in either black or royal blue. The colors evoke a professional look and feel to an event. Blend the cover with metallic accents and branded decorative pieces to feature company colors or themes. Such a style is suitable for formal dinners, press conferences, and product launches.

Infuse a blissful energy to a birthday celebration with a rainbow arch backdrop covered in pink, baby blue, and canary yellow. Create a delightful backdrop by adding balloons, themed decor, and streamers.

For baby showers, you can blend baby blue and canary yellow spandex covers for the rainbow backdrop. Glam them up with decorations in soft pastels, baby-themed props, and plush toys.

Furthermore, for celebrating anniversaries, white and blush/rose gold are the perfect colors for the spandex cover. Customize your arch with cascades of greenery, dreamy fairy lights, and personalized banners for a sincerely touching display.

Why Buy Our Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand and Covers?

CV Linens™ is a trusted brand in the event industry. Since 2007, we have earned and built a solid reputation for providing event supplies unrivaled in premium quality and affordability. You can have peace of mind knowing that each of our products is worthy of event professionals’ investment. Our company will always remain committed to excellence.

Our Rainbow Multi-Tier Arch Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand and Covers are exceptional for crafting mesmerizing and unforgettable backdrops. They offer superior value and performance because they are cost-effective, versatile, easy to use, and come in various shades and hues.

Apart from our rainbow arch backdrop stand and spandex covers, we have a vast range of tablecloths, cover linens, backdrops, artificial greeneries and flowers, cloth napkins, and more. All these products and more are offered at affordable wholesale prices.

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