Rectangular 6 FT Spandex Table Cover

Seamless sophistication is a modern and trending tabletop theme occurring at special events. Smooth and fuss free, our collection of spandex covers is both savvy and stylish to keep up with the current trend. Our Rectangular 6 ft. spandex table covers hold an elegant echo of standard linens used for banquets. Each spandex table cover is made with a gorgeous finish in a mesmerizing cue of colorful tones. At CV Linens we have exactly what you need to create a finessed table display. Typical linens are beautiful in any design you desire. What makes spandex varieties stand out in the table crowd is their chic look and smart features.

A flawless fit will avoid crooked tablecloths or incidents of slipping throughout the day, spandex linens are designed with a gala style in mind covering the tabletop and legs of the table. Reinforced pockets wrap around each leg to ensure they stay in place through your entire event. Brides to be and hosts adore our spandex line as they have a luxurious look with a simplified set up process. Rectangular spandex table covers are fast and easy to set up and take down. You can expect a low to no wrinkle design eliminating the need for tiresome ironing and hanging. The high stretch material slips right on without any extra care needed. This particular style is a top seller for wedding receptions or birthday parties as their keen versatility can be as lavish as you would like. Glamorous gatherings can transition to a refined touch for booths, buffet tables and parties of any kind. The designer appeal of spandex table covers bring your stylish space to an upscale motif.

Beyond the decorative accents you use or the settings you choose, spandex linens and spandex chair covers have an endless potential. Pairing rectangular covers with our fashionable spandex toppers/caps gives a new dimension of dual tones and dimensions. Mix and match your palette to achieve the look you have always dreamed of. 6 ft Rectangular tables that are not the only size table that can benefit from these covers. Our large selection of spandex table linens also offers covers for 8ft rectangular tables as well as 5ft and 6ft round tables typically found at most venues. These spandex covers will expertly glide over your tables whether you are styling an elegant affair, a rustic chic ambiance or the birthday bash of the year, you will appreciate the brilliance of our whole spandex collection. Our adaptable sizes also cover cocktail tables making them the center of attention in spandex. Pick a tone and use it to add additional seating, display specific décor or to create a beautiful hour of hors d’oeuvres on your itinerary. Upward lights can be placed underneath for an illuminating look.

To keep the momentum of your theme, consider fashioning your room with complementing items in our design lines. To accompany your table covers, consistency is the key to a successful overall style. Guests will appreciate the lavishness of spandex chair covers and their ability to not slide as they move from their seat. Beautiful spandex sashes are available to put the finishing details to your room. An array of colors will inspire your stylish scene.
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