Reef Acrylic Charger Plates

If you are looking for that perfect detail for your wedding reception or dining event, our reef acrylic charger plates are made just for you. They have the essence of sparkling shimmery sands with a natural scalloped edging that is both formal and festive. You can choose from a charismatic set of colors that will spark your creative style.

Reef charger plates turn an ordinary tabletop into a stunning place setting for your guests. Fine waves and dramatic artistry have mingled together in each charger making them the perfect pairing for beach themes and outdoor affairs. They ingeniously conform to elegant tidings and rustic blends by introducing a unique wow factor to every table.

Reef chargers are sized to accommodate most plate sizes as they have a 13” in diameter for a convenient way to set your table. You can use a single dinner plate or set your courses in a stacked pattern from salads and appetizers to the main entrée. They are a delightful way to display table linensnapkins, utensils and name cards to prevent guests from arriving at an empty table if it is not pre-plated.

Our reef chargers are visually exquisite, well made and versatile in design. They are splendid in any setting or decorative motif you have in mind. weddings, showers, anniversary parties and birthdays are all opportunities to showcase your reef acrylic plate chargers. Incorporating a charger plate into your party or event planning regimen is an essential tip from the pros. They serve a decorative purpose alongside a friendly functional design that offers chic convenience.

Highlighting each setting with a charger ensures your own style signature on the top of every table. Chargers are also ingeniously utilized to help protect tablecloths from unexpected spills and mishaps during the meal. This saves brides and hosts the time and expense of caring for them after the event.

Aside from opting for coordinating colors of your reef chargers, we also offer an elite reef glass charger plate collection. Whichever style you decide upon will depend on your personal preference, the physical location of your dinner and expected guest list. Reef acrylic or glass charger plates will translate beautifully for daytime dining alongside elegant evening gatherings.

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