Round Spandex Table Covers

Sleek, sophisticated, and available in several colors to suit your theme, our Round Spandex Table Covers bring a dose of elegance to any special occasion. A table setting is a crucial element of a guest's experience. Your event tables are more than a place to gather and dine. The way you set the table helps to express your party theme and tells guests what type of dining experience to expect. Using stretch tablecloths invokes a professional air, brightens tables, and instantly elevates the appeal of the entire room. Round spandex table cloths are easy to use and give you more decorating options because they come in a variety of different colored covers, and the versatility of spandex makes it so easy to pair with any texture that you can create any style with ease.

Why Choose Round Spandex Table Covers?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • Our round fitted tablecloths include 4 reinforced leg pockets to hold the tablecloth securely in place, even in breezy outdoor conditions.
  • Our round spandex table cover collection features fitted spandex tablecloths for both high boy cocktail tables and round banquet tables.
  • Easy table size options with 5ft and 6ft round spandex covers and 24”,30”, 32”, and 36” stretchable tablecloths.
  • Practically wrinkle-free, these round fitted table cloths endure no need for pre- or post- event ironing. Machine washable fabric makes them easy to clean. Just wash in cool water and dry on low-medium tumble or hang to dry. No bleach.
  • Stretch fit tablecloths are easy to dress up to create a customized event look. They are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, showers, corporate functions, and cocktail parties.
  • Choose from different styles including Spandex, Glitz Sequin Spandex, and Wavy Spandex. Plus there are so many colors, textures, and prints to choose from to attain your dream event theme! 

Round Spandex Table Covers FAQ

Q: What fabric is used for fitted table covers?

A: Round stretch spandex fitted linens are made of Spandex, a type of fabric that boasts a great elasticity to stretch and conform to the table shape.

Q: Are spandex table linens easy to put on?

A: Stretch spandex tablecloths are designed for keeping the tablecloth securely in place, with a fully fitted, cohesive style for a flat tabletop and professional look. Our spandex tablecloths feature four pockets for legs to fit your table better so that your table cover won't slip around. The wavy style doesn't have leg pockets but does boast an elegant built-in design. 

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

Spandex brings a uniform appeal to your tables, but they also create a stunning foundation to dress up to meet your theme and glamour needs! To bring some flair to your stretch round tablecloths, use overlays or table runners. They are an easy and affordable way to add color and texture to 5 and 6ft round covers. To play up the appeal of your cocktail tables, use a chair sash to make a bow or use table caps to enhance the color and texture. Stretch-fit tablecloths are easy to coordinate with matching spandex linens such as spandex cocktail table covers, chair bands, drapes, and chair covers. Check out our variety to give your special occasion a pulled-together look and be sure to check out our article on Key Advantages Of Using Spandex Event Linens.

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