Royal Blue Chair Covers

If you wish to add a touch of tradition to your special day, royal blue is a perfect color to enrich your event that brings meaning and beauty to the day. This deep and regal shade is both bold and demure, with an elevated status that is elegant, rich, sophisticated, and intelligent. Royal blue certainly has a dreamy old world feel, but it can also transition into a shade that is glamorous and contemporary. 

As a color with close ties to a midnight sky, it is also a beautiful shade to coordinate with an outdoor event. When it comes to coordinating this dark hue with other accenting colors, the prospect might seem intimidating at first, but truth be told, there is nothing at all menacing about this surprisingly versatile color.

Use royal blue chair covers to complete the tablescape decor with royal blue tablecloths. Add a white/ ivory or even pink table overlay to create contrast with the rest of your decorations. You can also opt to buy round linen tablecloths in neutral shades to accentuate your royal blue chair covers

Styling With Blue Chair Covers

Apart from our classic royal blue, you can also choose from our variety of blue chair covers from CV Linens. 

You can use navy blue chair covers to create a sophisticated look. Navy blue is a great option for formal events, such as weddings and banquets. When you have guests sitting in navy blue banquet chairs, it will help your venue stand out from others and give it that extra touch of elegance.

If you're planning on hosting an event soon and need some ideas on how to decorate your venue, consider using navy blue chiavari chairs! With chiavari chairs, you do not need seat covers. Simply add chair decors such as oversize flower chair decors to add personality to your event styling. 

Another way to style blue linens is to add backdrop lighting for events. Use light blue chair covers and tablecloths for your sweetheart chairs and tables on stage and add LED lights against your darker blue curtain draping. Use royal blue or dramatic blue curtain drapes and loosely decor with LED lights from floor to ceiling. This instantly highlights the stage and creates a focal point for your entire venue. 

Mix And Match With Royal Blue Chair Covers

An unconventional but beautiful pairing, blue and shades of pink work marvelously together. Purple and royal blue share a deep and sultry connection that make them an ideal match for great visual interest. Yellow gives royal blue an almost playful touch, but for the most classic coupling, you can't go wrong with royal blue and white or off-white or ivory colors. 

Red and royal blue are complementary colors, so for a bolder color combination, they can be combined to create a striking contrast in your wedding decor. Red is a warm color while royal blue is cool--but with the appropriate decor pieces, they work together beautifully! If you're having an outdoor summer wedding where guests will be sitting under a tent or pavilion, these two colors may be just what you need to make sure everyone has a comfortable seat.

If you want to incorporate these vibrant hues into your big day without going overboard with reds and blues, consider using navy tablecloths instead of white ones for all tables except for those closest to the stage or main table, so the couple or event celebrator can see how beautiful everything looks up closely.

Shop Royal Blue Tablecloths and Linens Now

Aside from navy blue chair covers and royal blue tablecloths, check out our other CV Linens part essentials in royal blue!

Order this universal satin self-tie chair cover in royal blue for a more sophisticated touch. Check out our YouTube and Pinterest videos on how to tie these satin chair covers. 

If you are looking for a more loose, yet stretchy material for your chair covers, order this ruched fashion spandex banquet chair cover - royal blue. They work best for banquet chairs and create a perfect, ruched fit. You can also opt for a white chair cover and use these standard satin chair sash - royal blue to decorate your chairs. 

Create a subtle yet stylish stage or booth decor with spandex pillar covers for metal cylinder pedestal stands 5 pcs/set - royal blue. You can use these cylindrical pillars as stand-alone decors or you can place small items such as guest books, giveaways, or event memorabilia on them. 

Order now to get these stunning event decors and more from CV Linens!

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