Sage Green Linen Napkins


Planning a wedding, birthday party, or an intimate dinner get-together? Style your party tables with sage green linen napkins -  one of the latest on-trend party decor linens.

Sage green has been a popular color for wedding parties lately. Its muted color gives off an earthy but elegant vibe. It's a color that can be used for both casual and formal parties. 

If you're looking for sage green linen napkins for your party, look no further because CV Linens has got you covered.

Pair your sage green linen napkins with a wide variety of party linens, including different colors and styles of table covers, table runners, charger plates, chair covers, table centerpieces, and much  more.

Linen Napkins: Style and Utility

Linen napkins are a great way to add color to your dinner table setup. Incorporating a unique napkin fold is a great way to elevate your table decor further. Make sure they complement your tablecloth and chair covers for a more coherent look.

Aside from their decorative purposes, linen napkins serve a practical purpose.. The absorbent fabric of linen napkins is designed to make it easy to clean spills or stains, especially from drinks and food that may accidentally spill over onto the table.

Placing linen napkins on the table is not only a matter of basic dining etiquette but also adds an elegant and a luxurious vibe to your wedding reception tables.

A Wide Array of Design Options

If you are using copper wedding decor or neutral tones for your wedding, sage green linen napkins are a great choice to match their color. Trending wedding themes use muted colors or neutrals instead of the traditional bright and vibrant hues.

Sage green linen napkins go well with cream, white hues, and ivory, which are colors that embrace finesse and elegance. It also compliments light gray, brown, taupe, and gold as it balances the overall temperature of the color theme. 

CV Linens napkins are 100% polyester, which makes them a great fabric because of their absorbent quality. The polyester fabric is spun to have a silky satin, textured accordion, or cheesecloth texture. These wedding table napkins are also great for birthday parties, quinceaneras, and other occasions.

Linen Napkins for Your Dinner Party Tables

Linen napkins are great for decorative use and for practical purposes. To get the most of your table napkins, create unique napkin folds and use them multiple times in different party settings.

Bulk orders are great to consider for big ceremonies, and we are more than happy to accommodate you. We have a variety of sage cloth napkins and/or sage green cloth napkins that are great deals and budget-friendly options.

Our table napkins come in a variety of sizes. We offer 17x17 in. and 20x20 in. napkins for different uses: from dinner parties to luncheon napkins. Linen napkins that are 17x17 in. sizes are ideal for lunch, while bigger and wider napkins are intended for more formal settings like dinner parties or intricate napkin folds. 

To top off your tablescape, add a table centerpiece that matches your table napkins. Use charger plates to add detail and depth to instantly glam up your table setting. Finish off your table napkin decor with some metallic napkin rings for a polished look.

Sage Green Table Napkins for Your Next Big Party

Sage green linen napkins add a pop of color to dinner tables to exude an elegant and warm vibe. Table napkins are an easy and affordable way to elevate your tablescape and party venue even when you're on a budget.

Buy your sage green linen napkins bulk and get them at wholesale prices. We also offer free shipping for qualifying orders over $99 on sage napkin bulk orders and other party decorations.

Get top-quality table napkins and party linens at CV Linens even when you're on a budget.

Visit our website to see our wide variety of options for table linens and other decor. For more design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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