Sheer Voile 10ft H x 118" W drape/backdrop

The glamour of weddings and events you see in the movies usually include sweeping winds and the gentle wisps of poetic billowy material. This leaves brides to be and those hosting an event in a keen search of these perfect voile drapes. We have graciously heard the call and have added a full line of sheer voile drapes to our drape collections. They are exactly what you have been looking for. You can now have your own dream wedding and event with our gorgeous voile drapes that will be the muse for your whole design.

Light, sheer and whimsical, you will want to dress your space in pure voile style. Each drape measures at an extravagant 10ftX118”, alluring an endless creative potential to capture. 4” pockets allow your drapes to be hung by a variety of structures and setups. The savvy use of stage piping, enchanted wooden branches and straight rods of all types are clever ways to creatively fashion your design.

Often times, the color or paneling that exists in banquet rooms can be a deterrent to the style you were hoping for. Now, you can completely transform the walls of your banquet venue with the flowing elegance of sheer voile drapes. They hang gracefully, can be swaggered and swayed or wrapped as needed along entryways. You will find they fit flawlessly throughout the many different areas and spaces of your room.

Eloquent backdrops and arches are charmed together with any style you infuse. Pillars, stands and beautiful framework are to name just a few ideas that will add an exquisite appeal to your decorative vision. We offer a host of colors that will harmonize the elements of your wedding, reception, event or special gathering of friends and family.

You can use your sheer voile drapes both indoors and out providing a plethora of possibilities. Each drape additionally has a flame-retardant certificate that is available upon request if your venue requires a copy. We have a lavish lineup of drapes that can be mixed and matched for your ideal style. Pairing voile drapes with any of our glitz drapes, velvet drapes or payette drapes will provide a mingling of trends and textures to suit your envisioned inspiration.
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