Shop by Color: Dark Slate Blue

A mesmerizing color choice, dark slate blue is a dreamy, rich hue that bespeaks a subtle regality perfect for weddings, fall and winter events. Romance and coziness seemingly fall right in line with this warm color. Given this shade of blue claims strong ties with colder seasons, dark slate blue is a hue that looks absolutely stunning when coupled with velvet. The gentle texture and soft-to-the-touch fabric claims a heightened elegance that is hard not to fall in love with it upon first sight. This royal color is superb for indoor and outdoor events, bringing an ethereal presence to any venue type. From traditional themes to vintage barn venues, farmhouse style celebrations or glamorous occasions, dark slate blue plays its part in seamless accord to ensure your special day is memorable, stunning, and oh-so perfect. Start shopping for wholesale slate blue event decor now and bedazzle your reception in this intriguing hue while also saving on quality linens and decor.
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